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1, grinding, and in some traffic was larger in public places, such as shopping malls or office used in stone processing, after a few years later, the color is

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-17

2, polishing, polishing is the surface of some lose luster of the stone processing, but its overall smooth and no pore of wall mounted bar countertop material repair a process. After polishing, the reflectivity of stone crystal will increase because of this, thus become colorful, all show of natural stone mineral granular crystal, and luster is also comes from the wall mounted bar countertop of the crystals in minerals.

3, stone material processing due to be used in some high temperature environment for a long time, so the cause of wall mounted bar countertop material surface become rough, at this time the need to fire the stone processing and need to use the permeable sealant is pore to crack on the surface of the stone or packing.

4, the rolling processing method: in some special stone material processing technology, solid surface sheets for sale or limestone pieces need to be done in the same container of the rolling processing, make its surface color sank become old because of this, if you need to restore color, you need to use toner to to deal with it.

5, sandblasting processing method: using sand and water, under the high pressure jet flow state of water spray the sand to the surface of the stone, so that its surface to form a kind of the luster but not smooth a processing phenomenon, this kind of processing method is to use up some arts and crafts.
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