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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-22
Setting wall is larger, the better? Review our misunderstanding of TV wall - all those years Stone setting wall, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2019 - 01 - Source: 14 stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 274 the sitting room is the appearance of the family, so TV setting wall of the sitting room decorate is very important, if can't meimei da TV setting wall, how can we read well? In those years, many people have misconceptions about TV setting wall decoration, this let them go a lot of decorate a detour, today we're going to count these let a person the idea of 'misguided'! ! ! ! Myth: the point is not in the bigger the better a lot of people make TV setting wall is enough old do I have a momentum, so setting wall is larger, the better. It will seem small TV setting wall is too high, the cart before the horse, but setting wall is too small, it may be blocked or TV cabinet and TV setting wall shall be determined by the size of the TV and room. Myth 2: TV setting wall is thick enough to safety if it is a small family, general advice TV setting wall is too thick, so as not to cause the space is narrow, space utilization. And the best of the human eye and television spacing for 3 TVS. 5 times, if the setting wall is too thick, shorten the distance of television and the human eye, affect the watch effect. Myth 3: TV setting wall of heavy and complicated is more high-end TV setting wall design, modelling, color can be according to individual be fond of, but it is not recommended for setting wall is messy segmentation or design heavy and complicated, would be a distraction. It is advisable to setting wall should be concise and lively, want to know 'simple', 'the fashion', in addition, the design should pay attention to the collocation with household as a whole. Myth: first to purchase a sofa because put the room background wall size limit, if you be buying sofa background wall, easy to cause film effect is not good, so we should first determine the sofa position, to determine the location of the TV set, to be determined by the size of the TV setting wall of the shape and size. Mistake 5: installed floodlights, viewing a clearer background wall that coincide with the bedroom ceiling lights and general, but it is not recommended to install light lamp to television, in order to avoid long time produces visual exhaustion, after watching the visual health, and also not conducive to save energy. Myth: install again after considering cabling design background wall, such as not to set aside enough socket or for wire embedded space, can affect the whole beautiful. The right thing to do, before the layout position, should be as accurately as possible will have to put the furniture size with water electrician, set aside enough position.
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