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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-26
Beauty stone setting wall, what are the typical features of natural marble TV setting wall? - Stone setting wall, TV setting wall, European Roman column, the whole house custom marble, stone - setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 09 - 08 source: TV setting wall marble manufacturer focus on: 19 marble art setting wall is popular in recent years household background wall decoration, are widely used in the sitting room, bedroom wall background wall, restaurant setting wall, porch background wall such as indoor metope adornment. Select material diversification, style style collocation is colorful, the advantage of customizability let household setting wall is more unique art. Natural marble background wall as an important trend for modern household background wall decoration, background wall decorated with natural marble has advantage in what? 1. The natural beauty of the natural decorative pattern, Non-renewable, do not copy) , natural luster, Natural luster) , natural texture, strong plasticity, can be in any shape; The myriad of change, and do not copy; From the perspective of colour and lustre: 'the color is beautiful', natural marble color is rich, have white, black, beige, green, pink, red and so on all sorts of color and luster, and natural soft, not hard, has the very good integration; , cuddly and admiration! 2. Durable natural marble than other artificial materials with unparalleled economic value. As a product of the geological evolution in one hundred million, marble can have hundreds of years of life. In the history of the achievements of many natural marble building sites already has a history of several thousand years, such as Greek temple, the Colosseum in Rome has 2000 years of history. 'Renovation' and 'repairable' two big characteristics, more make marble enduring, more aesthetic feeling, this is what any other related building materials does not have. 3. Eternal classic natural marble with its uniqueness, scarcity let us become eternal. , there are many imitation marble tile products on the market, but can this batch of unlimited production products, marble unique attributes, completely can't compare with scarcity value reflects the eternal value of natural marble is the best protection. Natural marble is the result of the nature, any artificial environment may not true copy and imitate, has never been surpassed. Therefore, the most classic of natural marble beauty, the eternal. 4. Special taste in ancient civilization, natural marble as noble material, is often used in palaces, temples and statues and other architectural marvel built, to show the rulers and the worship of the gods, reverence for the forces of nature; Up to modern, natural marble is still as irreplaceable top building material, become a national engineering, star hotel, and most homes and other places of choice, such as the great hall of the people 'golden hall', national centre for the performing arts, such as construction, is the special taste of the natural marble transmit. 5. The green environmental protection of natural marble in nature, which are found in nature, like flowers and plants trees, and the human living environment friendly, does not contain may affect human body health of radioactive material. Stone radioactive far below the ceramic tile, wood, mobile phone, computer, etc. , belong to the state class A ( Green environmental protection) Building materials. Modern natural marble mining operations, has been completely abandoned the powder such as craze damage to natural produce operation technology, the popularity of 'cold' mining technology and the promotion, the greatly enhance the extraction rate of mining resources and utilization at the same time, and minimize damage to the natural environment.
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