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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-27
In living in adornment material and its advantages and disadvantages of the stone panel - Stone stage face plate, marble counters, stone setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 08 - Source: 24 stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 35 as people demand for home decoration is more and more perfect, many choose to use stone to decorate the household. In terms of modern interior design, stone panel general application in the sink surface and the kitchen counter, currently with marble countertops and granite countertops in the majority. The following' Kkrsolidsurface setting wall 】 Small make up to analyze the pros and cons of granite and marble mesa: a, granite countertops advantages: granite density, high hardness, the surface is very wear-resisting, is also one of the frequently used in domestic adornment material, compared with the natural marble in can be used for the material of kitchen mesa, granite antibacterial regeneration ability is good. Weakness: the length of the natural stone material as ambry mesa material are usually not long, so if you want to make it pass long overall mesa ( Especially U, L) , is sure to have juncture, these juncture place also easy to hide the dirt. Note: if you really like the natural material, granite is a ideal choice, but should be pay attention to the level of joint construction workers, in order to prevent health hazards. Second, marble mesa advantage: rich color, texture soft, natural texture is diversiform, easy to cutting or engraving molding; Disadvantages: because it is natural, is slightly loose crackle wreck, due to the stone to the porous structure, production, transportation, or if there is any contamination during the construction of sewage infiltration, difficult to clean, prone to fracture. In the daily clean, hard to avoid can have some residue and dirt with rag to wipe and fill in the crack, a hotbed of bacterial growth. Note: natural stone material in nature in the process of the formation of long, but because of the heavy metal material more or less will have certain radioactive, may affect the body, but more of a psychological impact. The unique stone wash one design from 【 Kkrsolidsurface setting wall 】 , of course, in the stone table panel material overall household adornment collocation also depends on the style and personal preference.
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