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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-27
Household TV setting wall which need to pay attention to details - when decorate TV setting wall, TV setting wall, stone setting wall, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 09 - Source: 12 TV setting wall manufacturers focus on: 20 TV setting wall is indispensable in modern household decorates. TV setting wall is mainly included in the sitting room, bedroom metope adornment, such as different TV setting wall can be directly or indirectly reflect the image of household and style. TV setting wall is one of the highlights of household background wall adornment, occupy the important position in background wall design, TV setting wall is usually designed to make up for the emptiness of household space, at the same time, rise to decorate the whole household setting wall is beautiful. When be being decorated so TV setting wall need to pay attention to what details? 1. The size of the TV setting wall here to remind everybody is, must according to the size of the sitting room and the TV to determine the size of the background wall. If the setting wall area is too big, not only cause the waste of resources, and will bring depressive feeling. Besides, if your TV size is too small, the overall effect is jarring. 2. TV setting wall lights a lot of people think beautiful setting wall under the lamplight shine will be more eye-catching, reveal master individual character. Actually otherwise, if long time watching too shiny objects, can cause visual fatigue, so bad for your health. 3. Wiring of TV setting wall decoration experience knows, before arrange the location of the power socket, should as accurately as possible will have to put the furniture size with water electrician. In practice, however, many owners are simply look at the places they want discharger, see a socket can safely go to busy other things. When the good decoration on the TV, only to find that many line Lou in the outside, very beautiful. 4. The position of the sofa and TV setting wall don't think only of a sofa to watch TV provides you a comfortable feeling when furniture, actually, at the time of installation of TV setting wall, it can also play a big role. Common practice is actually in decorating, residents with background wall, and then put on the wall opposite the sofa, can you find from restrictions on the size of the sitting room, want to is on television, sofa will move out a long position, if it sideways, and affect the viewing effect. 5. TV and TV setting wall distance some users think that as long as allow room discharge line of sight, no relationship, even television near the wall point, instead of setting wall is near can be combined with wall body, the effect is much better. Actually this idea is not correct, because not take long before, you will find that the TV wall color.
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