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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-28
Back to south day note worthy of collection - decorate Diffuse the stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2019 - 01 - 07 source: stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 217 back to the south if god guide region special weather phenomenon, southern region itself are wet, this damp weather caused a lot of inconvenience for decoration, so many owners asked back to south day decorate good? Back to south day is decorated can lead to decorate quality is bad, wet weather will delay decorate period? Decorate good? 1 a day, back to the south, water and electricity transformation have hidden trouble back to south day for the laying of water and electricity transformation effect is not very big, but because the air is humid, if the quality is bad, wire insulation layer is broken, even if in good moisture is too large, there are quite a hidden danger, therefore, must be polishing the wires threading before, good moisture-proof measures, to avoid potential safety hazard. 2, masonry construction more convenient bricklayer in back to south day weather to decorate, can't again appropriate, air moisture condensation makes the cement and concrete is good fusion, avoids too fast drying, time grew, wall cracks problem, jimei light, smooth, durable, absolutely perfect. 3, plate mold live couldn't endure this kind of weather for doing wood, temperature and humidity is too high or too low are likely to cause the crimp and cracking of wood, the water vapor in the air may also cause wooden plank mold, very affect beautiful. Mould back to south day 4, paint for metope paint, very prone to mildew, the problem of stale, when doing the metope decorate should pay special attention to, must paint and primer before it, primers and paint the loose consistency is better control. Primers and paint is too thin, it can not cover metope, is easy to mold. If strong is on the back to south day moldy and polishing the drop. Second, the matters needing attention back to the south last phase 1, to avoid the rainy approach to choose wood drying wood, not into the wood in rainy day. If the wet wood once to the construction environment, and has not been fully dry, serious word may in the three months after decorating cracking deformation. After the plate comes into play, should immediately brush on a layer of sealer, in order to reduce the fine mesh plate to absorb moisture. 2, wooden brush moisture-proof oil back to south day for wood construction, need to emphasize construction specification and the use of advanced technology. More effective technology is currently coating moistureproof oil on wood, especially with metope joint parts. In addition, you can on the surface of the furniture that is made with a layer of moisture protective film. 3, using spray paint coating: coating method has a variety of wood coatings, such as brush, polishing the paint, spraying method. Wet spring day by using spray gun, low efficiency, the other two methods, and is not suitable for quick drying coating, and spray gun method with high efficiency, spraying speed, and film drying speed is faster. 4, such as using dehumidifier wetted when decorating, in case of emulsioni paint of mould, can use dehumidifier to smoke wet after construction, minimize the wet gas into the interior. 5, not wallpaper afraid of damp is the wallpaper a big disease, especially in the south, the weather day or back to the south, some wallpaper will now. Even now the wallpaper is beyond the scope of 'paper', such as what kind of PVC wall paper, non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper metal, natural woven wallpaper, wood fiber wall paper, etc. , but also can't stick back to south day. That is about back to south day decorate good? Back to south day decorate considerations related content, hope can help to you!
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