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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-25
TV setting wall of stone point - decorate Stone setting wall, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2018 - 11 - Source: 20 stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 261 stone TV setting wall is an important part of the sitting room metope adornment, make up for the TV parados space open position, with the sitting room decorate a style, so a sitting room TV setting wall is family is decorated in not to be sneezed at. Because of its importance in whole decorate, so can't careless. If you want to take is stone setting wall decoration grade and able to bear or endure look, before the TV setting wall decoration construction, we must decorate a design of TV setting wall there is a more detailed plan. Kkrsolidsurface setting wall below to share a few of setting wall decoration. 1, stone setting wall location directional TV setting wall is mainly determined by the TV placed location, while television put is determined by the placement of sofa, so TV setting wall need to be determined according to the position of the sofa, the most suitable distance is 2. 5 meters to 3 meters, and is the most suitable position in one eye can see, try to avoid to the position of the light, because the light affects the effect of TV viewing. 2, the size of the stone setting wall size TV setting wall should be by the size of the TV set and the size of the whole and interior space. To avoid entering the TV setting wall is too big or too small error, result in TV setting wall with indoor decorate collocation is not harmonious. TV setting wall is too small may be blocked, can appear metope is too small to affect the visual effect; And too much, will appear TV is too small, even if the TV is very big also leads to wrong priorities, appear empty. 3 selected TV setting wall, stone setting wall style decorates a style to correspond to whole and interior space decorate a style, a style of avoid by all means conflict, not harmonious factors such as contrast. When we determine the whole and interior space decorate a style can be selected TV setting wall decorate a style, according to the TV setting wall decorate a style to determine the color collocation, choice of modelling design elements. 4, stone setting wall colour collocation scheme of TV setting wall colour collocation to consider match the style of whole and interior space, also want to consider the psychological accept color of conform to the family, because of the color of the TV setting wall tends to affect family psychology, will be an impact to family psychology, and watching TV setting wall is family for a long time, especially the elderly and children at home, time is long, and watching TV is their favorite way of entertainment. In general, quietly elegant of TV setting wall appropriate chooses the forehead understand white, light blue, light green, light yellow or pinkish red light color attune, unfavorable choose too deep too dazzling colors, also don't choose with the colour collocation of the sitting room decorate a style to diverge. 5, stone the look of the modelling of setting wall TV setting wall is nowhere in particular, can according to individual be fond of. But if the model is too messy to make a person distracted, result in visual fatigue. Had better use round, curved or straight without linear modelling of edges and corners, is in geomantic go up to a neat emphasized symmetry.
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