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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-26
TV setting wall of the three design principles and skills - decorate Diffuse the stone setting wall, stone setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2019 - 01 - 05 source: stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 206 TV setting wall of the three design principles and the design of decoration skills theme background wall, around master profession, hobby, etc. Do theme background wall design, to grasp the following three principles first, thematic wall design cannot be messy and complex, with concise and lively as well - — — Metope is often through local people line of sight, is the focus of the view after taking the door, like a person's face slightly from make-up, it is refreshing. Thematic wall now, more and more simple, with contracted style of fashion. Second, to reasonable use of color. According to the analysis of the psychological effect of color of color can make the room look bigger or smaller, give a person with 'bulge' or 'sunken' impression, can make the room becomes active, also can make the room feel peace. Third, not to make TV setting wall and wall of background, background wall design should pay attention to the collocation of whole household, needs and cooperate with other display set off, also consider the location of the arrangement and lighting effects. TV wall in the sitting room decorate techniques about the TV wall in the sitting room decorate background don't know you found no, now the property between the example of project, the design of TV setting wall is very seriously, and even can say so - — In TV setting wall should be whole sitting room decorate a design. Methods to design and construction of TV setting wall I think everyone will have their own ideas, but no matter what the design should comply with the following basic principles. TV setting wall design and construction methods: 1, determine viewing position a, locate to watch the first step is to choose the TV wall position, any metope is not the position of the viewer as a TV wall doesn't fit. B, should according to their own pre-loaded TV size to choose suitable viewing distance, usually the data is: watch the distance to the television screen 3 of the length of the diagonal. It is advisable to 5 to 4 times, but I want to teach you a more simple way - — Sitting on the sofa, unbend arm, if your hand can just blocked the screen from the right. C, after determine the distance of television and grasp the height of the suspension point is TV, usually with eyes flat ( Or slightly more) For reasonable. 2, TV wall, the consistence of LCD, plasma, LED TV now although very thin, but is also considerable on weight, so, during the construction is going to hang TV TV wall must pay attention to its robustness and stability, prevent accidents after hanging on the big size TV. 3, pipeline preset circuit of TV wall reconstruction is a key project, should pay attention to the following: a, embedded PVC tube will be used the power cord and signal lines laid to the TV set the default location. B, construction after the completion of a thorough check power socket if there is a hidden trouble, must stay grounded and reliable. C, signal lines, The rf cable TV first) Also should be reliably grounded, avoid a potential difference and electric part, to eliminate fire hazards. 4, intensity of illumination if you're used to turn off the light to watch TV, recommend you on TV wall put one to two in the background of the light is downy light, so that we can reduce the screen light and shade contrast with the surrounding environment. Can make screen picture more downy and pleasing to the eye and have played an important role in protecting the eyesight, kill two birds with one stone of it. 5 TV wall color and texture, colour and texture should not be exaggerated, shall be made in soft color and delicate texture. Too bright colors and exaggerated texture will only make your eyes feel tired. Useful in practical applications, the tumultuous geometric pattern as TV wall coating solutions, eventually lead to cases of homeowners have a headache, vertigo, everyone will take notice.
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