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4500 yuan bathtub cracking follow-up report, the final result is thought-provoking-bathtub cracking, bathtub maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

Some time ago, a 4,500 yuan bathtub cracked chinaren in less than a year on the Internet, causing a small whirlwind on the Internet. Wrigley also responded positively. Later, consumers were still very satisfied with Wrigley's after-sales service, and the matter has been improved. solve. Water can carry a boat and it can also capsize. This sentence is more suitable for use on the Internet. Wrigley uses the Internet as a carrier to launch its products, so that consumers can find their favorite products with a click of a mouse without going out. Let consumers use network connections to know Wrigley and understand Wrigley's products go2map. In this convenience, enterprises and consumers are a win-win situation. However, there will inevitably be some small episodes. The 4,500-yuan Wrigley bathtub cracked in less than a year. It is a controversial topic that has also attracted Wrigley’s attention. Contact consumers and solve problems in advance. Wrigley’s powerful The after-sales service system proves the reliable brand style with strength. With the development of the incident, the media contacted relevant insiders. According to reports, after consumers bought the Wrigley bathtub home, Lu Dingji invited a home improvement company to install the bathtub. In the case of improper operation, the bathtub was used for less than one time. There have been small cracks in the past few years, and the installation of the bathtub is a very professional technical work. It needs to be operated in strict accordance with the installation process, and a master with certain installation experience is required to judge and install according to the design of each different bathroom. In today's society with such smooth information, crisis public relations is very important for a brand go2map, but it must be backed by the company's strong strength and strong service system, otherwise crisis public relations emergency is just a statement. Fortunately for this incident, Wrigley, as a domestic first-line brand, has enough reputation in the industry and a perfect service system to solve the consumer problem. The after-sales department of an enterprise is the bridge to communicate with consumers and the central department for handling customer relations. No matter how good the product quality of the enterprise is, but the service cannot keep up with the alumni records, it is not a reliable brand. Its products, quality, and after-sales are complementary and integrated, so as to gain the favor and love of consumers. Reminder: How to maintain the bathtub? 1. Clean the bathtub every week to ensure that your bathtub is kept dry after each use; 2. Use a neutral liquid detergent and a soft cloth or a good sponge to clean the bathtub; 3. Do not use abrasive and highly alkaline cleaning products; 4. Avoid using dark-colored detergent chinaren, as it is easy to cause pigments to penetrate into the tank surface; 5. After using the hose, don't forget? Turn off the water system to avoid frequent dripping water and cause the bathtub to accumulate water; 6. If there is any damage to the bathtub, you should immediately notify the relevant company to repair it to prevent the problem from worsening; 7. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will make the bathtub Rust and soiled surfaces; 8. Factors caused by cracks: Cold cracking mainly occurs at the interface of the two molds. Due to the failure to handle it during the manufacturing process, there are cracks at the interface, which are suddenly subjected to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in cracking. Thermal cracking Cracking is caused by uneven heating between the green body and the glazed surface. Material Pottery is a material with low thermal conductivity. When hot water is poured, local parts will expand rapidly. Due to the low thermal conductivity of ceramics, the heat cannot be quickly conducted out, resulting in a large temperature difference between the two, resulting in cracks. Especially in winter when the temperature is low. Another: Do not hit the bathtub with external force, especially the installation components, it will also cause cracks.

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