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6 kitchen countertop color styles to consider

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-18
Nowadays, there are countless materials available on the kitchen table.
However, I will not give you the pros and cons of each material, I will break down six popular color styles so that you can achieve the look you want with the material that suits your needs. 1.
One of the most common and mouth-watering countertop finishes is white or non-white stone or faux flat materials such as quartz
The white shade, with a touch of multi-tone spots or textures, gives it a subtle natural richness.
This snowy, sparkling look works well in many cases as it is very neutral but also modern and fresh.
The pale tones give the space a clean and light feel with subtle sophistication.
In a more traditional kitchen, this is usually a better choice than the real minimalist white countertop, which may be too harsh to fight the elegance of other elements, for example, a shaker cabinet or a lantern chandelier with multiple knots.
Soft spots or rough white are also well matched with brass accents, such as these contemporary lights.
Similarly, subtle richness maintains its own advantages without striving for attention, and prevents the countertop from feeling too severe --
This is a great place for a dining island and you want people to really feel the comfort of dining.
Related: The contemporary dining room setting makes impressionflexed or gently tattooed white countertops suitable for you :-
You have a traditional or transitional interior. -
You want to make the space look big and light without clinical feeling. -
You want a white countertop but don\'t want every bit of dust to show up. 2.
Pure white countertops, usually provided only in artificial materials, such as Crean or Caesar pass, bring contemporary simplicity and freshness that no natural stone can match.
Fortunately, these materials resist stains well, so they remain clear white with a little care.
In contemporary space, this distinctive look works well.
As mentioned earlier, true white can compete with traditional decor, but in modern space it will feel quite clear.
It is especially effective in small spaces, such as compact apartment kitchen, with simple white cabinets, giving the illusion of a larger space.
This is another use of the white countertop: There is already a lot of space for bold features in other finishes, such as wood grain cabinets, which can benefit from super simple counters as a visual rest.
Especially for modern apartments
Front cabinet with wood finish, yellow-
Orange background.
A pure white counter will keep a fresh and modern look, not vintage.
Finally, white and blue are classic nautical combinations, so in the non-
White is OK too, a pure white counter looks beautiful with blue
Painted cabinets.
Although both colors are very cold, the two colors feel warm and always fashionable together.
If:-pure white countertop is good for you
You like the modern style of crisp. -
You have a small space as big as possible. -
You want to break the modern wooden cabinet or other bold decorations. -
You like sailing in white. and-blue scheme. 3.
With its charming air and natural richness, WoodWarm wood is a great choice to inject a cool, breezy kitchen with some approachable character.
The refreshing white kitchen feels more like a \"home\" and the wooden countertops are not so simple.
This is a popular option for transitional kitchens that balance both traditional and modern elements, especially since classic wood is suitable for both types.
Naturally, the cabinet counter can also work in the space where there are already wooden cabinets --
That said, if you\'re a real wood enthusiast, don\'t mind it dominating the palette.
In several of these examples, please note how Wood provides clothing for island counters only.
In general, Wood is an excellent material for accent counters (
Usually a small \"chopping area\" on the island or in the butcher\'s shop \")
Contrast to nearby stones or solids
The surface is counter in a pleasant way.
Light wood has a more casual or rustic feel than dark woodDyeing options. Light-
There can be a cottage in dyed or undyed Woods
Depending on whether you pair them with traditional or modern accessories, you will feel the inspiration or Scandinavian atmosphere.
In either case, traditional runner rugs are a great addition.
The dark woods are more formal and smooth than the light ones.
They bring a certain amount of gravity to a space that can work well where it\'s already bright and has a lot of windows.
When mixing a wooden counter with other wooden finishes, it is usually best to keep a warm or cool tone. Red-
The brown woods are more traditional, and the shades of gray are the modern trends that have become popular in recent years.
No matter what shade you like, if you stick to one family or another, they are unlikely to have a conflict.
If:-wood countertops are good for you
You want an accent countertop that contrasts with other surfaces. -
Your white cabinet needs a little warm-up. -
You want to make your space feel more approachable and intimate. -
You can enjoy the charm of the countryside. -
You can\'t get enough wood. 4.
Black or Black counters, in shades such as black or charcoal, will appear very Gothic in some cases and in other cases will be very harmonious.
If you have dark cabinets, dark floors, or other heavy finishes, a dark countertop will fit you.
In this example, you can see that the white counter is a pop-up counter compared to the island counter, which is almost integrated into the front of the deep wood drawer.
If you\'re going dark-on-
Dark color palette, it is helpful to have a lot of natural or added light sources (or both).
This will keep the space comfortable and refined, not just the cavelike.
Because White can sometimes absorb and weaken the color nearby, a rich dark countertop is actually a better choice to show subtle colors in painted cabinets.
Choosing dark gray instead of pure black will soften the look, so it\'s better to stop and eat charcoal in most cases.
There is a situation where the dark KKR countertop is almost a must.
When you use the colored mirror tailgate to subtly open the space visually, a dark counter reflects a deep, moody surface for a perfect complement.
In this kitchen, the counter can see the black elements of the appliance, the dark legs of the furniture, and the rich and complex parquet floor, so it feels like it is integrated into the design instead of an exclamation mark.
Finally, sometimes you just want the classic black. and-white look.
If you have a kitchen with clear white cabinets and few actual colors, or if you only have a few small area counters, a piece of black or black stone will bring some immediate drama.
Again, it is unwise to have only one big black element in your design, as it may stand out like a thumb pain, so you will want to introduce other black things, such as elegant and simple black cabinet knob and pull.
Dark or black countertops are good for you if :-
You have dark cabinets and want the counter to mix with them. -
You have cabinets that are colorful and fun and you want the shades to really shine. -
In apartments and modern residences, you will find a smoky mirror tailgate, a trendy favorite. -
You want to connect to other black elements in the space. -
Your goal is to achieve the classic blackand-white scheme. 5.
Intermediate or gray pastel gray countertops and other intermediate tones are the most neutral counter options such as Bay Day or rich creams.
In this kitchen, it\'s creamy.
White cabinets and golden colors on the tailgate and Wood head, the fantastic cream color counter adds a harmonious, tranquil look, perfect for a family breakfast.
Soft spotted gray stone looks similar to concrete and works perfectly in contemporary space, a bit of architectural style.
The advantage of it is to hide the occasional place while looking clean and tidy, not too dark or too busy.
It would be great if you don\'t always have a perfect organizational space but still want a placetogether look.
Since Gray is the most neutral color around, it is another great option to pair with color cabinets, especially in spaces where the cabinet finishes are different, as it can help to bring light and dark cabinets
If you have black peopleand-
The white scheme, or the espresso Grove with white walls, you want to soften the whole look a little bit, the counter in the middle tone will bridge the very dark and very light elements so that they will be in
Gray is also a beautiful hue to match a warm metal accent.
If you like a copper-colored faucet or sink, the gray counters give warm tones so they really shine.
Related: Pairing gray countertops with these metal chairs or gray countertops is good for you if :-
You want a soft and friendly atmosphere with soft tones. -
You have colored cabinets or cabinets in multiple shades mixed together. -
You have a black man. and-
A white scheme that can soften a little. -
You like warm metal accents and want to show off. 6.
Bold and bold textured stone countertops allow you to stop and admire, or flood your eyes with the opposite effect.
Overall, the bolder the turn on your counter, the less drama you want to add elsewhere.
This waterfall counter (
Materials wrapped on both sides)
Relatively soft, but the large gray veins still bring enough features without any bold color or other stated features.
Your space size will be a factor in determining how dramatic a bold Stone looks after installation.
It\'s not that you can\'t use bold stones in a compact kitchen, it\'s just that it feels more dramatic in scale, which means you may want to keep other finishes very stable.
Please note that how many of these spaces use the same dramatic stones on the counter and the tailgate is a truly unique claim.
When paired with a dark cabinet, the dark, textured stone actually feels less noticeable.
Whether you are using espresso wood or modern gray, coordinating the tone in the stone with similar darkness or lightness in the cupboard will help in the connection between the two.
In the end, the only way to tell you how the other elements look is to take home the largest samples you can find, or to bring the samples of your other elements to the dealer, see what color is the strongest in the stone.
The dramatic countertop is good for you :-
You have a big kitchen. -
You want the counter to be the main statement. -
You have dark cabinets to offset dark, moody stones. -
Your visual effects are not enough.
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