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6 things better not to do in the bathroom - bathroom, 6 things

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-09

According to statistics in the United States, people spend 5 years in the bathroom in their lives. Bathing, going to the toilet, and brushing your teeth are the same things you do every day, but not all of your habits are right. Recently, Yahoo Women in the United States summed up 6 things not to do in the bathroom. 1. Open your mouth when you shower. Shower heads are breeding grounds for germs, and water heaters are also a breeding ground for germs. When rinsing your head, it's a good idea to keep your mouth closed to prevent bacteria from entering your body through the water stream. 2. Always draw the shower curtain. Mold prefers dark and damp places, and the bath room covered by the shower curtain is its love nest. After bathing, it is better to open the shower curtain and turn on the exhaust fan. 3. Flush toilet without lid. When flushing the toilet, bacteria may take the opportunity to enter the air, it is better to put the lid down before flushing. 4. Put the toothbrush on the countertop of the washbasin. The high momentary cyclone in the toilet can carry germs or microbes up to 6 meters in the air, where they can be suspended in the air for hours, and then land on walls and toothbrushes. Therefore, the toothbrush is better placed in the drawer or cabinet. 5. Store chemicals. The humidity and temperature in the bathroom are high, and some family bathrooms have no windows, and the air cannot be convectioned, which is more likely to cause air pollution. Therefore, it is better not to store too many chemicals in the bathroom, and various cleaning agents must be stored separately. 6. Women wipe private parts from back to front. This action can easily lead to female urinary tract infection. The correct action should be rubbing from front to back.

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