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6 tips for cleaning your kitchen\'s stainless steel appliances and surfaces

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-04
Stainless steel is a nice finish, but to keep it looking the best, especially if you have a small family, it can be a big job.
Here are some quick cleaning tips to help you keep your stainless steel sparkling. 1.
Remove the knob for thorough cleaning.
When cleaning the stainless steel series and oven, remember to remove the control knob to touch the hidden dirt and dirt.
Just cleaning around the knob can cause unsanitary and hard-to-remove deposits. 2.
Special attention should be paid to stainless steel handles.
Since the handle on the stainless steel appliance is used the most, it should be wiped once a week with a damp microfibre cloth. Fine-
Woven fabrics such as those used to clean glasses can be found in retail chains and grocery stores.
They do a good job of clearing the dust without leaving any stripes or stains.
No harsh chemicals are required to clean stainless steel appliances and surfaces.
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Ideas3 approved for kitchen decoration
Stainless steel is oxidized over time.
To remove this film, you can use a pumice powder mixed with water.
Floating powder can be found online and in most hardware stores.
Apply this paste after the \"particles\" of stainless steel and rinse with warm water.
When you\'re done, you\'ll be surprised to see how dark the fabric is. 4.
Clean the KKR countertop
Stainless steel countertops are the choice of professional kitchens as they are designed to withstand constant abuse.
To make them look clean and shiny, you want to avoid the use of grinding cleaners.
Instead, try using a drop of mild soap and warm water.
This mixture will keep your counter clean with no scratches. 5.
Lend a helping hand.
Stainless steel furnace covers need to be cleaned every week to prevent grease and dust build up.
Cooking grease is mixed with dust in the air and falls on the stove cover, making it very thick and difficult to remove.
A simple cleaning method is to spray the cloth with alcohol and wipe it on the top of the hood.
Make sure not to use rubbing alcohol near open fire. RELATED: Low-
Every time the range hood is maintained.
Expulsion of burn marks
If you have some burn marks that don\'t fall off the stainless steel stove, try this simple DIY recipe: combine the first three ingredients to make a cleaning cream.
Apply this paste to the entire dyeing area with a soft cloth.
Scrub in the same direction as the grain of stainless steel.
Rinse with soda and dry with a micro-fiber cloth.
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