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8-year-old girl killed, body stuffed under wash basin | madurai news - times of india

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-10
Madulai: People in siwaga woke up on Saturday and found an eight man brutally killed. year-
Her neighbor allegedly stuffed her body under a washbasin in his house and built a wall around it.
The girl Akshaya has been missing from her home since Thursday.
Police suspected the involvement of neighbor Amalraj, searched his house on Saturday morning and found the body while dismantling a new cement with blood on a wall.
Police said the autopsy of the body confirmed the murder but showed no signs of rape or harassment.
They began to hunt down amaraj who fled.
Akshaya and her mother, Usha, live in the family\'s Indira colonial house as her father, Lakshmanan, works as a tailor at a factory in Tirupur.
The last time Usha saw her playing outside the house on Thursday night.
Usha walked into the house and came out an hour later to find Akshaya missing.
Usha and her neighbors and relatives were looking for the girl all night but did not find it.
She informed her husband and then filed a complaint with the Sivaganga town police station.
During the investigation, the police learned
The old man, who lives next door to his house and runs a soup stall in town, went missing on Friday night.
Police suspect he may have been involved in the disappearance of the girl, searched his house and found a new one
A wall built under a washbasin.
They also found blood under the washbasin and on the wall.
When they removed the walls, they were shocked to see the girl\'s body stuffed into a bag.
\"We sent the body to the Sivaganga Government Medical School Hospital for an autopsy.
\"We are looking for Amalraj now,\" Inspector Sivakumar said . \".
\"Only after we have arrested Amalraj will we know the exact cause of the murder,\" said dsp k Stalin . \".
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