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A lady was taking a bath and the Yuba suddenly exploded- Yuba, Explosion

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-30

Ms. Xu, who lives in the Huangxi Community of Zouping, works in sales. Every day she comes home from work, she takes a hot bath to relieve her fatigue. However, recently, Ms. Xu encountered a frightening scene in her bathroom. Recalling the scene at that time, Ms. Xu still has lingering fears. Not to mention scary! Ms. Xu told reporters about the situation at the time. I was wiping my hair in front of the mirror after taking a shower, when I suddenly heard a loud noise above my head, followed by hot glass shards scattered. Several scratches. It turned out that it was Ms. Xu's Yuba that exploded. So what caused the explosion of Yuba? How can we relate to prevention? Ms. Xu was very puzzled about why the Yuba exploded. After recalling, she remembered that because the Yuba had not been used for a long time, there was a lot of dust on the light bulb. She always liked to clean it, so she removed it and scrubbed it with a steel ball. When I went up, I didn't expect such an explosion accident after the previous use after washing and installing. The reporter consulted Master Zhang, who has been engaged in the service and maintenance of household appliances for many years. Master Zhang said that the reason for the sudden explosion of the Yuba in Ms. Xu's house was because she used an incorrect method to clean the dirt on the bulb of the Yuba, and the dirt on some Yuba took a long time. It is relatively strong and not easy to wipe off, but do not scrub with steel balls, which will easily cause scratches on the surface of the vitreous body, which will damage the quality of the vitreous body itself. Therefore, at high temperatures, it is prone to cracking and bursting. If the Yuba has a lot of dirt and needs to be cleaned, you should use a soft cotton cloth to scrub the light bulb. Do not get the lamp socket wet. After cleaning, put the light bulb to dry before installing it. Master Zhang said that the Yuba used in our daily life is mainly composed of three parts: lighting, heat generation, and exhaust air. The internal structure and the outside look are not complicated. But the danger is precisely in it. 99% of the sudden burst of Yuba is caused by the light bulb installed in the heating part. When many people use it, they tend to ignore a lot of precautions, which will cause damage to the bulb of the glass body and cause danger. So, what should we pay attention to when using Yuba every day? First of all, it should be noted during installation that the correct fixing method should be to make the Yuba close to the wall. If the Yuba and the panel are not tightly attached, the panel will warp outwards, which will easily cause the bulb to burst. Secondly, it should be noted when taking a bath that due to the cold winter, the temperature of the bulb of the Yuba can instantly reach about 165 degrees Celsius when it is turned on. Therefore, a lot of water should be avoided splashing on the bulb when bathing, which can not only prolong the life of the bulb, but also It can prevent the explosion caused by the sudden change of cold and heat.

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