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About the white marble stone a common method of cleaning

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
Sichuan white solid surface sheets acrylic countertops arches, stone railings in use for a long time will be stained with dust or dirt. So how can these buildings cleaning? Today sichuan white marble manufacturer will give you explain how to clean. 1, alkali cleaning using alkaline saponification, emulsification functions of chemicals, osteoporosis and distractions grime, commonly used alkali solution for aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and so on for the first adult, they are first used to eliminate the pollution. The oil saponification and the saponification two. Saponification oil is animal and plant oil, can constitute a soap when encounter alkali soluble in water, and therefore easy to remove. The saponification oil mineral oil, cleaning the oil with the effect of emulsifying agent, with falling oil and the adhesion strength of the adhesives and drop, common emulsifiers are three sodium phosphate, sodium silicate, etc. 2, table surface active agent is stone arches, stone railings cleaning dirt terrazzo, marble and other stone floor looks a commonly used method, surface active agent, which has two kinds of ionic and nonionic. Their molecules containing polar and nonpolar two genes, cleaning principle is the use of surface active agent of the decline of interfacial tension, moisture, adsorption, emulsification, solubilization, distractions such as make the grime molecular drop, and then complete the cleaning effect. So a lot of white solid surface sheets stone cleaning method is done with this. 3, which has been widely used in acid cleaning stone cleaning, especially solid surface. Multi-purpose in inorganic acid hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid; Organic acids multi-purpose citric acid, oxalic acid, amino sulfonic acid, etc. Such as rust removing by sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid after generating ferric sulfate and ferric oxide reaction, it can dissolve in water, so the rust can be removed. But inorganic acid cleaning corrosion problem is worth paying more attention to, especially to carbonate stone such as marble, its residual acid in the micro pore or acid radical could harm stone for a long time, even in buffer is difficult to avoid corrosion problems, therefore overseas has tended to use less subject to erosion, easy purification treatment of organic acid or other organic matter to clean. 4, electrochemical cleaning with the electric field force between the two plate ( Contain dc, communication, and pulse electric) To make the movement of ions and polar molecules according to rules must be in the dirt, or to attack the electrochemical reaction, make the pollutants stripping, chemical changes in order to clean intention to move or attack. Such as current can make solid surface micro pore iron ions adsorption, diffusion coefficient increases, and the electric pulse. Make the solid surface surface rust removal of the following must be depth and appearance. 5, biological chemical cleaning first for biological pollutants. People found early microbial corrosion and pollution effects of stone material, the removal of the useful way is to choose targeted killing, dissolved, differentiation, stripping the biological chemical detergent for cleaning. 6, solvent cleaning using the solvent's ability to dissolve dirt, if known contaminants composition, selection of a specific solvent is very useful. For example, many organic solvent such as toluene, xylene, butyl acetate ester of grease or oil has a strong ability of dissolving, use organic solvent to remove grease spots are generally more quickly than with lye to remove grease spots, its defect is easy to cause environmental impact organic solvent evaporation. Above is the summary for you some clean the white solid surface sheets acrylic countertops method, hope to help everyone.
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