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Alien craft stone Mosaic spelling a flower shop in skills

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-17
On the design innovation, and now will be a lot of people like different colors, different specifications, different shapes of Mosaic combination, manifests the individuality demand. For surface or the corner room, glass Mosaic can play a little more expertise, complete package was built the surface smooth. On colour, Mosaic is no longer limited to the black, white, or some shallow the color of the light. Bright red, sapphire blue, green, yellow color Mosaic was cleverly interspersed with use, under the crisscrossed with combination of different mood and feeling. So what is the shop is stuck acrylic countertops Mosaic spelling a flower skills? Base treatment: set aside more than about 3 mm thickness of Mosaic, should be obtained before the shop is stuck a comprehensive clean-up. Before paving: before installation should be according to the installation drawing construction before paving, larger area number map matching. The shop is stuck: with special adhesive evenly daub is on the base, it is advisable to thickness to 2 mm. The single Mosaic aligned cracks on drawing, placed in the brush good adhesive. Then flat plank pad on Mosaic surface, uniform with a rubber hammer knock, make sure glue is firm. Jointing: after being moderately moisture to dry and initial strength, use wood or rubber spatula to jointing agent into Mosaic crevice. For jointing agent filling is complete, moderate moisture to dry already has initial strength can begin to clean up.
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