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***Although it is small, it has a lot of knowledge to buy - although the leader is small, it has a lot of knowledge to buy

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

Every family needs to master some knowledge and skills when purchasing suitable sanitary ware, otherwise it may be troublesome, bring helplessness to the future life and affect the quality of life. Although water is small in size, it plays an important role in the home. Every family must use water every day, and they must have frequent and intimate contact with small water. If the water leaks every day or is not easy to use, it is likely to turn this intimate contact into a violent beating. Then you should pay great attention when purchasing a water faucet at first, and try to choose a water that is of high quality and style that you like. Look at the appearance: the coating should be as bright as a mirror. After water grinding and polishing, the surface should be plated with nickel or chromium to prevent oxidation. After nickel or chromium plating, a medium-sized hydrochloric acid test should be carried out on the water. After the test, the coating should be free of rust within a certain period of time. It is understood that only water that has passed the neutral salt spray test can leave the factory. When consumers buy, it is better to place the water in a well-lit place for viewing. The surface of the water should be as bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots, burn marks, no pores, no bubbles, no leakage plating, and uniform color; use There is no burr or sand when you touch it by hand; after pressing the water with your finger, the fingerprint will spread out quickly, and it is not easy to attach dirt. Turn the handle: feel the light valve core is good Common water valve cores include steel ball valve core and ceramic valve core. The steel ball valve core has good pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring that acts as a seal is easy to wear and will age quickly. Compared with the steel ball valve core, the ceramic valve core is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant. At the same time, the ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, so it can achieve a high resistance to opening times, and the nozzle will not leak due to the wear of the valve core. The ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth in hand, and it opens and closes quickly. Because the valve core is inside the water, consumers cannot see the valve core when purchasing, but consumers can simply judge the quality of the valve core according to the feel of the handle when turning the handle. Generally speaking, consumers turn the handle up, down, left and right. If it feels light and has no blocking feeling, it means that the valve core is better. dedecms.com Recognize a brand: choose a brand for better after-sales service In the end, consumers should go to regular markets and supermarkets to buy brand water. Branded products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, and informal products or inferior products are often only affixed with some paper labels, or even without any marks. There should also be the manufacturer's brand logo, quality assurance certificate and after-sales service card in the water packaging box. To test the book: the quality is more guaranteed Generally speaking, consumers can use the method of weight evaluation to identify when purchasing, brass is heavier and harder, and zinc alloy is lighter and softer. However, the relevant person in the main material department of Kuoda decoration believes that the quality of the water should not be judged by weight alone, because some manufacturers can make the water heavier by increasing the thickness of the water wall or adding other metal materials. It is better for consumers to ask the salesperson for the test report of the product. If the test report confirms that the product is qualified, it is not a big problem. In addition, consumers should choose a more durable integral casting water. The sound of the water cast as a whole is more dull when tapped. Consumers can judge whether the water is cast as a whole by tapping the water when purchasing.

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