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Although there is a lot of knowledge in purchasing floor drains, small floor drains solve big problems-Floor drain, purchasing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-04

The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the residence, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and it is very important to control the odor in the bathroom. Although the floor drain is small, there are many issues to consider when choosing a suitable floor drain.

First, understand the structure of the floor drain Under the premise that the existing building structure cannot be changed, floor drain deodorization should be a better way to solve the odor problem. How to deodorize the floor drain? Then you have to understand its structure first. Ordinary floor drains generally include a floor drain body and a floating cover. The floor drain body refers to the part of the floor drain that forms a water seal, and the main part is the water storage bay. Since many floor drains are mainly deodorized by water seals, the depth of the structure and whether the design is reasonable determine the sewage discharge capacity and anti-odor capacity of the floor drain. When there is water in the floating cover, it can float up and down with the water in the floor drain. Many floating covers are additionally connected to the bell cover. When there is no water or there is little water, the sewer pipe is closed to prevent the odor from returning to the room from the sewer pipe. Second, the use of floor drains From the point of view of function, floor drains are divided into two types: general use and washing machine special. The floor drain dedicated to the washing machine has a round hole in the middle for the drain pipe to be inserted and covered with a rotatable cover. It can be covered when not in use and unscrewed when used, which is very convenient, but the anti-odor function is not as good as that of ordinary floor drains.

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