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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
People tend to think stone is a kind of high-grade decorative materials for a long time, the decorative stone can once and for all. Actually otherwise, in the natural environment, dust, waste gas, acid rain, freezing and other pollutants, the stone easily to fade for architectural use, pollution, and even destruction, greatly reduces the stone material of adornment effect and service life, at the same time, due to the construction method of error, can cause the failure of the stone decoration effect, and thus have to remodeling in the short term to buildings and caused a lot of waste of resources. Make the stone material produces a variety of pathological changes and shorten the service life for many reasons, sums up the professional, mainly: one is the internal reason: stone material structure and chemical composition of the cause of change; The second is the external reason: both mining processing method, installation, construction technology, using the environment the influence of such factors.
2, affect the service life of the stone and stone material conditions of the main causes of
the stone material of common symptoms are: water spot not stem, salting-out FanJian, hua, rusty spot spit yellow, frost damage, surface corrosion and pollution (pigment Including oil) , moss, growth and pulverization spalling, etc. Make the stone material produces a variety of pathological changes and shorten the service life for many reasons, induces mainly has two aspects: one is the internal reason, namely the structure and chemical composition of material of stone of caused by the change; The second is the external reason: mining processing method, installation construction technology and using the environment the influence of such factors.
1, from the cause of the wall mounted bar countertop inside the
( 1) structure: there are in the natural stone and wool stoma, microcracks adsorption tiny dust and dirt in the air, over time will slowly seep into stone inside due to capillary action, thereby substantially reducing the stone decorative performance and service life. The smaller the porosity, capillary effect and surface adsorption.
( 2) Some of the chemical composition of relatively complex: stone composition is easy to interact with the environment, make the stone material produces erosion or variation phenomenon. material is generally contain iron in different degrees, erosion will produce yellow rust by moisture. The higher the amount of iron in the stone, Huang Yue prone to rust. In addition, most of the main components of the natural solid surface sheets for sale for carbonates, such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, there is a small amount of alkaline oxide. Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is relatively stable compounds, but some of the chemical properties of the alkaline oxide is not stable, in the humid environment, easy and acidic oxides such as carbon dioxide in the air, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, nitrogen oxide and other chemical reactions and changes of solid surface sheets for sale internal physical structure. Similar chemical damage will occur on the other stone, light person can make the stone material surface loses luster, color faded, even a spot; The person that weigh can make natural stone material hardness, surface weathering flake.
2, influence from the external reason
stone stone decoration effect and service life of the external causes are many, such as inadequate mining processing and storage and transportation in the process of maintenance, installation of wall mounted bar countertop materials and the influence of the bonding of natural environmental factors, etc.
( 1) The influence of mining processing and storage and transportation process, such as stone crack may be associated with improper mining method; Iron tools can also be used in the processing left hidden trouble for rust stone yellow, inappropriate stone cooling fluid may pollution stone; Improper maintenance in the process of storage and transportation, also can make the stone material produces rusty spot, straw rope yellow pollution, etc.
( 2) Installation construction technology and the influence of the bonding material: if installing a wall mounted bar countertop construction by the wet cement mortar paste paste method, alkaline soluble substance in the cement will because of the rain erosion along the stone wool stoma seep to the surface, and alkaline compounds such as Ca ( 哦) 2 will react with CO2 and H2O in the air, produce CaCO3 in stone material surface crystallization, formation of salting-out FanJian phenomenon. In addition, because the cement hydration generated after some salts has hygroscopicity, seeping into the stone after can absorb the moisture in the air and formed in stone material surface water pollution, the serious influence is beautiful. In addition, the improper use of paste materials, such as some stone paste adhesive, may also make the stone material produces yellowing.
( 3) Environmental factors: environmental factors such as environmental pollution, acid rain erosion and frost damage. Natural environment by air pollution, acid rain and other man-made contaminants can cause pollution and corrosion of stone. In addition, the freezing damage is also an environmental factor, which cannot be ignored for stone has absorbent ( Even with construction of dry hanging stone) , in the cold winter, because of freezing and accelerate the process of weathering, reduce its strength, not only affect the service life, will threaten the security of person.
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