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Application of stained glass in toilet-stained glass, toilet

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-07

We can look at the application of stained glass from a unique perspective, and that is its application in the bathroom. Stained glass makes the restroom personal too. Because of its superior ease of maintenance, stained glass has become the main material for handwashing partitions in Europe. With the installation of stained glass, the restrooms are cleaner and easier to scrub. Just wipe with a damp cloth and the surface is immediately clean as new. The visual cleanliness of the bathroom is more important than the actual cleanliness. And stained glass can create a calm and fresh atmosphere. It can be kept bright by reflected light, with a unique glass reflection effect. Compared with other materials, stained glass can make the bathroom look more luxurious, even when compared with granite, marble and other materials. As we all know, Japan has a high population density and a shortage of land resources. Their designers have begun to study how to integrate glass into the design. They found that combining stained glass with mirrors can make a small space much more spacious. The refraction of light by colored glass can make the space brighter and more spacious. Another major feature of stained glass is its size, its larger size can reach 3048*2134mm. The advantage of the large size is that other splicing processes can be reduced, and the styles can be more diverse. The color of stained glass can give the bathroom a dreamy feel, and each color has a different feel. Black and white is the more common combination, it can present a clean, calm and fresh atmosphere. Other colors can reflect light to different degrees and give different feelings. But the biggest feature of stained glass is its ease of cleaning.

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