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Artificial stone classified by interface reaction

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
A, hydrophobic wall mounted bar countertop protective agent: after use will expand stone between the water and the surface tension, Tension is greater than the adhesion) , can make the water in wall mounted bar countertop material surface presents the effect of water roll, can reflect more when the rough stone material surface. But the effect of timeliness is very short, can quickly fade, with the loss of effective ingredients on the surface of final work or protective agent water resistant performance and the size of the ability to resist hydraulic pressure. The protective agent is mainly for oily, and some also belong to this kind of water. For example: 'green angel' HB - S302, 501, etc. Hydrophobic stone protective agent cannot be used for stone of bottom protection, because its hydrophobic properties will form the interface between stone and cement and affect the adhesive degree, make stone appear empty drum phenomenon. B, the hydrophilic wall mounted bar countertop curing agent: after use will not expand stone between the water and the surface tension, Adhesion is greater than the tension) , can the uniform adsorption water in stone material surface, without the effect of water roll, but not into the stone inside. The effectiveness of the protective agent is mainly composed of its resistance to water and water pressure resistance to the size of the decision. The hydrophilic protective agent mainly for some stone water-based protective agent. For example: 'green angel' HB - 101, 103, 103 a, etc. Is hydrophilic six stone protective agent can be used in the stone surface protection, when used for bottom protection do not form interface, does not affect the adhesive degree, but also will not increase. Due to the seepage force is not strong, cannot be used with dense structure of stone material processing.
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