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Avant-garde bathroom culture American Standard interpretation details-Sanitary Ware Culture,American Standard

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-01

Cool culture and gorgeous products, avant-garde art and seasonal fashion have become synonymous with Dashanzi, and Dashanzi has also become the birthplace of Beijing's cultural and fashion elements. Recently, the first Dashanzi Art Festival kicked off at the famous 798 Factory. As an important part of this festival, the architectural art exhibition has become the center of people's attention. The styles of modern painting, music and architecture at this festival are different, and they react to people's sensory nerves from different angles and in different ways. In the famous Ren CLUB clubhouse, American Standard companies in most countries started an art show of sanitary ware culture. Mike Newson, Acacia, and Tony are famous for their names. Rather than saying they are famous designers of bathroom products, they are masters of art. The extremely simple, natural, clean, warm and bright design style fully and thoroughly expresses the bathroom culture.

In this era of rejecting homogeneity, the designer endowed a building with strong artistic vitality and expressive force. The subtlety and thoughtfulness of architecture comes from sanitary ware civilization. In this sense, sanitary ware culture brings more new ideas to the details of the frozen performance art of architecture.

American Standard from the United States has integrated its unique understanding of architectural art for more than 100 years into the development and design of bathroom products, casting a century-old brand and interpreting architectural culture. American Standard products not only give people a sense of enjoyment, but the durable product quality and advanced technology are the cornerstones that support American Standard's adherence to the bathroom culture. The keen innovation ability and the almost demanding requirements for the products ensure that American Standard has always ensured its position in the field of sanitary ware technology.

In this fashionable age, American Standard products not only convey a bathroom culture, but also promote an active and healthy lifestyle. American Standard incorporates Microcomb technology-based balancing colony ingredients into its bathroom products, which are safe and harmless, and work with its long-lasting products to soothe bacteria. It effectively soothes Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria often found in bathrooms and reduces surface lead levels through advanced lead extraction technology. Made of aerospace high-tech materials and obtained from the United States, the bathtub has good thermal insulation performance. And American Standard, which has the industry-leading ceramic disc spool technology, promises you a no-drip promise. Timeless quality It is this unique quality that constitutes American Standard's distinctive bathroom culture, and then interprets the amazing art of architectural detail.

In the first quarter just past, American Standard's sales revenue increased by 12% and earnings per share increased by 31%. It has now become a European brand and is the largest developer and manufacturer of sanitary ware in most countries. The group company leads the sanitary ware industry in the United States and even most countries. Whether in Italy, which is famous for its product design and fashion, or in China, which has strong oriental culture, and the United States, there are American Standard design centers, which provide personalized support for consumers in most countries. American Standard can be seen in famous buildings such as the Great Hall of the People, Beijing Hotel, Capital International Airport, etc. You can see the ancient oriental elements and the fashionable bathroom culture complement each other. In China, sanitary ware culture is gradually emerging, it has penetrated into all levels of society from top to bottom, and is changing people's way of life, and American Standard will undoubtedly become the inheritor of sanitary ware culture.

Being in the 798 factory, the fashionable art elements continue to arouse the re-understanding of modern art in the commercial atmosphere. By pursuing the technicalization of the details of life, American Standard has given new meaning to the values u200bu200bof modern art and created a possibility for the balance between business and art.

About American Standard

In 1861, American Standard was established in New Jersey, USA. After a hundred years of hard work, American Standard has become one of the few industry leaders in the industry, and has become a world-renowned diversified company in most countries, with three pillar industries of sanitary ware, air conditioners and automobiles.

The Sanitary Products Department of American Standard Corporation is a large group company that develops and produces sanitary and kitchen equipment in most countries. According to the 2001 statistics of an international organization with status, American Standard Company ranks in the forefront of the world's sanitary ceramics companies. In the early 1980s, American Standard entered China with products leading international standards. American Standard products have become the guests of honor in high-end hotels and high-end construction projects. For a long time, American Standard, which is both classic and fashionable, will, as always, be committed to providing Chinese consumers with a more personalized and comfortable combination of bathroom products.

American Standard gives life, more dreams and hopes.

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