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Baoxing jade stone how to choose

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-17
The stand or fall of white solid surface sheets stone choice jade identification of white marble stone, use level, generally can be divided into primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, ok, rocky difference is very big, mainly detect its density and purity, is the high-quality goods in white marble, white marble stone material it has veins, and not to produce white stone is white marble, don't mistake the origin of a product, white marble stone on the quality of a material, there are significant differences, in the same vein, quarried stone is a big difference between different mining area, the same mining stone, people divided into good and bad level, each level stone also is different, there is hardness, color, texture, iron, iron wire, and so on, can be said to be differ in thousands ways. Also look fixed number of year of the weathering, jade white marble deposit of natural jade carved white solid surface sheets of the obstacle, make manufacture have limitations, it is also need to consider the problems in engineering design. Excellent carved white marble stone, texture meticulous and hardness of the high-energy good work and according to the construction materials, can not weathering for thousands of years and time expected, the ordinary white marble is different, the weathering fixed number of year earlier, the long decades, short of a few years, some even the weathering, and the acrylic countertops line of just a few years there are layers of rock cracking phenomenon. Especially ordinary white acrylic countertops produced in many places, the quality is different, make the finished product, after more inconvenience to identify its the stand or fall of material. White marble stone material is in great demand on building decoration, is the national set limit to mining of stone material, some engineering specified use level of white marble stone, some are not, other white marble material also have more degrees, also can be used in building decoration, but be sure to choose the right material, can spend less also can make a good project and a good work. Fake white marble stone is not a few, how can we distinguish authenticity? In fact, just remember two things: 1. A light is ordinary light or sunlight, appraisal is white marble, this is an important technique. 2. Intermediate formula, it is 'han', 'white' and 'jade' these three words. 'Jade' word speak the characteristics of the white marble stone, white marble in fact not jade, but a kind of solid surface sheets, was named after the jade jade-like stone embellish luster, because it can through the light thin place. 'White' the word refers to its white is bright enough, shiny enough, turn to the sun, can achieve the result that with Venus. And it is important to the 'han' word. But the 'han' is a wrong character. White marble 'han', 'khan' are supposed to be sweaty. 'Khan' represents a white marble little-known feature: the real white marble, not pure white and flawless, implicit but shallow grain, like a sweaty marks. In the sunny, with the three criteria for one who sets his mind on it going and looking around in the Forbidden City, will find these standard, thus is few and far between. Can be associated with the white marble stone precious.
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