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Bathroom Cleaning Tips - Bathroom Cleaning Tips

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

Since the bathroom is a place that must be used every day, if you don't pay attention, it is easy to breed bacteria in an environment with high temperature and humidity, which will endanger the health of your family. If the bathroom has a window, it is better to open it often to allow air to circulate. In addition, the concept of separation of dry and wet should be further promoted. How can I take care of it easily when the bathroom is being cleaned? Provide the following cleaning tips: 1. Toilet: The toilet is easy to be contaminated with urine stains, feces and other dirt. If it is not cleaned on weekdays, it is easy to form macular stains, and it is also prone to mold and bacteria. The correct steps for cleaning should first lift the seat cushion and spray the inside with toilet cleaner. After a few minutes, use the toilet brush to completely brush it again, and then brush the toilet seat and other gaps. Since the water outlet on the inner edge of the toilet is a place where dirt and dirt are easy to hide, the general spray gun type toilet cleaning agent cannot spray the cleaning agent smoothly there. Therefore, it is better to use the unique duckbill design. toilet agent], can penetrate the inner edge of the toilet and remove stubborn dirt. As for the outer base of the toilet, which is easily overlooked by ordinary people, it should also be sprayed and brushed with detergent, and washed with water and oil. Finally, dry it with a clean cloth, and it can be as bright as new. Afterwards, put another [no-wash automatic toilet cleaner] into the toilet tank to do the daily cleaning, sterilization and descaling work. However, the public is reminded not to mix acidic, neutral or alkaline cleaners with different ingredients to avoid danger due to chemical changes. 2. Bathtub and washbasin: Since soap scum is easy to remain in these two places, you can spray some [bath kitchen multi-purpose cleaner] on it, and then wipe it with a rag to restore the original finish. Regardless of the material of the bathtub or washbasin, it is better not to use a vegetable cloth or a hard brush or decontamination powder to wash, so as not to damage the surface material. As for the cleaning method of the shower head and water, since most of the Baodao areas use hard water, the shower head is easily blocked by limescale in the water after prolonged use. Therefore, it is better to remove the long shower head and wipe it with an old toothbrush. Spray the water head and use a thick needle to clear the blockage from the inside, so that the water can be sprayed normally. Hard water deposits can be removed by wiping with a lemon slice. If you want to make the mirror surface of the vanity mirror appear bright and bright, wipe it with [Wenjie Glass Cleaner], which not only can be very bright, but also has anti-fog and dust-proof effects. 3. Tiles: Due to the heavy humidity in the bathroom, if you don't pay attention, it is easy to breed plaque in the small gaps between the tiles. At this time, the quicker and more effective solution is to spray some [Mildew Removal Agent] on it, and you can achieve the effects of mildew removal, descaling and sterilization without laborious brushing. 4. Shower curtains and anti-slip mats: After using shower curtains and anti-slip mats for a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be bacterial plaques. Salt water for decontamination of rattan furniture The long-term fouling of rattan furniture not only affects the appearance, but also is unsanitary, but it is not suitable to use ordinary detergent to scrub, so as not to damage the rattan. It is better to use a salt water scrub, which not only removes stains, but also makes the rattan soft and elastic. Toothpaste is good for cleaning porcelain products. Toothpaste is a very good thing for cleaning porcelain products. For example, in the sink, squeeze out the same amount as you usually use for brushing your teeth. Use an old toothbrush or directly wipe the sink with your hands, and then rinse with water. The effect is very good.

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