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Bathroom design for the elderly, safety and humanization first - elderly room, design function, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

Compared with us, the elderly are more traditional in thinking, so the overall style should be emphasized on simple, soft and warm, calm and generous interior decoration colors, so as to meet the physiological and psychological characteristics of the elderly. Warm colors should be used for the elderly room, and the overall color should not be too dark. It should show a close and peaceful mood. The color should not use red, orange and other easily exciting and exciting colors, but should choose elegant and quiet tones. To avoid the use of large areas of dark color, to prevent a heavy feeling. If the old man's personality is optimistic and outgoing, warm colors such as purple and brown can also be used. In addition, you can also consider adding suitable green plants to the elderly's room. What needs to be emphasized here is that green plants should be the main ones, which can purify the air well, and potted flowers should be avoided as much as possible. The living room should be easy to be ventilated and lighted. The lighting and lighting in the living room of the elderly should be bright and moderate. If the living room has insufficient lighting or poor lighting, it is easy to bump and fall, and it is easy to cause excessive visual fatigue. Generally speaking, it is advisable to set up the room for the elderly in a sunny room, and maximize the use of natural light, which can not only increase the sense of space in the room, but also make the elderly feel more comfortable. The indoor lighting should also be weak or strong, and it is better to have low-level lighting at night, because the elderly usually wake up more at night, it is better to make the switch control closer to the bedside, which is convenient for the elderly to operate. According to the designer's experience, the elderly room should be well ventilated, and the windows should be opened twice a day for 20-30 minutes each time. If the elderly stay in the dark room for a long time, they will feel lonely, which is not good for the mental health of the elderly. Consider anti-skid first when laying the ground The elderly room should grasp the idea of u200bu200banti-skid in the overall idea of u200bu200bground laying. After all, the elderly are older, and their legs and feet will be somewhat unfavorable, so the floor of the elderly's residential decoration should be made of non-slip materials. Especially in the process of villa decoration, solid wood floors can be laid, which has a good insulation effect, and parents' legs and feet are not easy to catch cold. The kitchen and bathroom should use non-slip tiles, but avoid using floor materials with strong uneven patterns. In addition, the raised edge of the local carpet will cause disturbance to the elderly walking and wheelchairs. Therefore, in the use of floor materials, it is necessary to avoid the use of fabric accessories, such as carpets; avoid the use of highly reflective materials to reduce the reaction of glare to the eyes of the elderly. Don't choose too rough or hard materials for the walls. It is better to make rounded corners or use elastic materials as corner protectors to avoid bumping the body of the elderly. The choice of decorative materials should not be gorgeous, it should be simple and easy to clean, and it is convenient for the elderly to take care of them. Furniture arrangement reduces edges and corners For parents, a smooth space can make it easier for them to walk. Therefore, the furniture in the parents' living room should not be complicated or too much. It should be simple and practical, and choose stable and fixed furniture. The furniture with sharp edges and corners should be as few as possible, and the furniture should be placed against the wall as much as possible, so as to avoid inconvenience of indoor passage and hurt the elderly. The bed is the basic guarantee for the healthy life of the elderly, so choosing a comfortable bed for the elderly can reduce the occurrence of many elderly diseases. Because everyone's habits are different, some people like to sleep on soft beds, while others like to sleep on hard beds. However, although a bed that is too soft feels very comfortable and relaxed, it is easy to cause muscle tension and backache due to insufficient support. Back pain. Then a harder bed does not get any effective support for the waist when sleeping, and is always in a tense state of stress. Therefore, the hardness of the bed for the elderly should be moderate. Slightly sink into the mattress, the waist is fully supported; while heavy people are suitable for sleeping on a firmer mattress, the strength of the spring can make every part of the body fit together with the bed, especially the waist and neck are well supported. The same is true for the sofa, it should not be too soft, too deep or too short, and it is not convenient for the elderly to use it. The bathroom design is moderate in height. The toilet that is easy for the elderly to use should not use a squat pit. It is necessary to choose a toilet that is convenient for the elderly to sit and stand up for a long time. In addition, waterproof handrails can be installed on both sides of the bathtub, toilet and washbasin, which can make the life of the elderly with disabilities more comfortable. Bathroom anti-skid is especially important for the elderly. The anti-skid performance of the bathroom floor with small mosaic tiles is better than that of other materials. You can also buy anti-skid pads and place them at the bathroom door, inside and outside the bathtub and under the basin. Tips: The elderly are in good health and willing to work. They can open up a garden to facilitate them to take care of flowers and plants and cultivate their self-cultivation. The location is naturally a balcony or rooftop, but protective measures such as railings should be set up to ensure safety.

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