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Bathroom knowledge: bathroom waterproof collection-bathroom, waterproof collection

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-01

If the bathroom decoration is not handled properly, it will not only directly affect the quality of home life in the future, but also affect the mood, which requires great attention. It is understood that the decoration of the bathroom is also a difficult point in home decoration. Many netizens are distressed about the problem of renovating the bathroom at home. Moreover, a large part of many decoration disputes in the market originate from bathrooms. So, is it really so difficult? What should consumers pay attention to when decorating the bathroom? One of the secrets of bathroom decoration: there are 6 major installation specifications for toilets 2. Align the outlet of the toilet bowl with the outlet of the sewer, level it and align it, draw a mark on the bolt hole of the toilet bowl, and remove the toilet bowl. 3. Make a hole with a diameter of 20 mm and a depth of 60 mm at the mark, insert a bolt with a diameter of 10 mm into the hole, twist it with cement, and place the toilet eye on the bolt to match the mark. After the test, place the seat The toilet is removed. Put putty on the toilet outlet and the water outlet, and then align the four bolt holes of the toilet with the bolts, level and align, cover the bolts with rubber pads, screw on the nuts, and tighten them to a moderate degree of tightness. 4. Align the center of the rear end of the toilet, draw a vertical line, and draw a horizontal line at a height of 800 mm from the ground. According to the positions of the two side holes on the back of the water tank, draw a mark on the horizontal line, and make a diameter of 30 mm and a depth of 70 mm at the printed hole. mm holes. Insert a bolt with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 100 mm into the hole and twist it with cement. Hang the back tank on the bolts, level and align, especially align with the center of the toilet, put rubber pads on the bolts, screw on the nuts, and tighten them to a moderate degree of tightness. 5. When installing the sewer elbow of the back water tank, first remove the nuts of the water outlet of the back water tank and the water inlet of the toilet, put them back to back on the sewer elbow, and put the rubber pads on the sewer pipes respectively. Insert the upper end of the water elbow into the water outlet of the back tank, and insert the lower end into the water inlet of the toilet, then push the rubber pad to the water outlet, screw on the nut, align the water elbow, and tighten it with pliers until it is tight. Moderate. 6. When using the eight-character door to connect the water supply, you should first measure the distance between the float door of the water tank and the opening of the water supply pipe, match the short joints, install the eight-character door, and go up into the opening of the water supply pipe. Break the copper pipe or plastic pipe, bend the fork of the lamp, then put the float door and the splay door nut on the copper pipe or plastic pipe back to back, and wrap the oil asbestos rope or lead oil twine on both ends of the pipe, respectively. Insert into the inlet and outlet of the float door and the splay door, and tighten the nuts. Bathroom decoration cheats 2: pay attention to two major performance floor drains Floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipeline system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, which is very important to the bathroom. Odor control in between is very important. Although the floor drain is small, there are many issues to consider when choosing a suitable floor drain. 1. Understand the structure of the floor drain Under the premise that the existing building structure cannot be changed, the deodorization of the floor drain should be a better way to solve the odor problem. How to deodorize the floor drain? Then we must first understand its structure. Ordinary floor drains generally include a floor drain body and a floating cover. The floor drain body refers to the part of the floor drain that forms a water seal, and the main part is the water storage bay. Since many floor drains are mainly deodorized by water seals, the depth of the structure and whether the design is reasonable determine the sewage discharge capacity and anti-odor capacity of the floor drain. When there is water in the floating cover, it can float up and down with the water in the floor drain. Many floating covers are additionally connected to the bell cover. When there is no water or there is little water, the sewer pipe is closed to prevent the odor from returning to the room from the sewer pipe. 2. The purpose of the floor drain is exclusive from the point of use. The floor drain is divided into two types: ordinary use and washing machine special. The floor drain for washing machines has a round hole in the middle, which can be inserted into the drain pipe, covered with a rotatable cover, which can be covered when not in use and unscrewed when used, which is very convenient, but the deodorant function is not as good as that of ordinary floor drains. However, due to the relevant person's suggestion not to set up and install too many floor drains in the room, there are also some floor drains that are dual-purpose.

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