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Bathroom magnifying glass Expand your bathroom space-bathroom magnifying glass, expand, bathroom space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-25

Small apartments are always a headache in space design. If you want to make the living room or bedroom bigger, but you can't make room, you must leave a place for the kitchen and bathroom anyway. In fact, it is not difficult to make the small bathroom small and practical, and there is no lack of sentiment. Look at the small current market of the ultra-narrow bathroom! 【Case1】: Narrow and long invisible toilet Although it is so small, it is unexpectedly satisfying. This bathroom can be said to be long and narrow, but there is no shortage of functions and lighting! In the color matching, the green tone is adopted, and the tiles are not solid colors, but flower tiles with miniature shapes and different colors, giving people the illusion of a larger space. The blue-green cabinets echo the wall color, as if you are in the green trees. 【Case2】: Cool bathroom for men who live alone Blending black, gray and brown, a cool bathroom is very suitable for men who live alone. The square shower head is simple yet extravagant. The walls and the ground all use the same marble veneer, which has a strong overall sense. The middle block is mixed with golden tiles, which brings a bit of low-key gorgeousness. The placement of the debris bucket makes the style of the bathroom neat and uniform, and the storage and beauty are integrated. The design of the towel rack is a supplement to the storage function, it is simple and not obtrusive, and it is very convenient to have at your fingertips after showering. 【Case3】: A stylish bathroom with corners Whether there is such or that corner space in your home, it is usually narrow and slender, and the status quo is irregular. In fact, as long as you spend a little bit of thought, a small space can be transformed into a small bathroom immediately, generously donating to the living room and bedroom. The design of this bathroom is a good proof of this. The toilet is placed in a relatively narrow space, and the basin is placed in the corner. The space is fully utilized and the location distribution is reasonable. Half of the walls are white walls and half are wood veneers, which not only saves materials, but also escapes monotony. The design of the wooden frame vanity mirror is even more interesting to the wall. 【Case4】: The bathroom that uses reflection to expand the space Using the principle of mirror reflection, a small bathroom can also appear very spacious. The first is the vanity mirror. In this example, the vanity mirror is covered with a large area, and the width of the mirror is the width of the wall. Under the reflection of the mirror, the room space immediately produces a Double effect, and the bathroom space is visually doubled! The part of the wall facing the door is painted with glossy wall paint, and the principle of reflection is used again. In addition, the silver surfaces of the toilet and washbasin also closely follow the theme, and the whole design is full of brilliance.

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