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Bathroom must choose: washing machine and water heater - bathroom, washing machine, water heater

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

Bathroom The design of the bathroom also focuses on functions, and safety and convenience are the primary considerations. The American pastoral style has more freedom in the selection of bathroom materials, because Americans like to take a bath, and it is not uncommon to use waterproof wallpaper, wood and other materials on the walls. American pastoral bathroom In the bathroom, because many users like to put the washing machine in the bathroom, the author recommends a Whirlpool 6.5kg pulsator washing machine for everyone, and the water heater recommends a 50L electric water heater from Wanhe. Washing machine Whirlpool XB650V1 pulsator washing machine Touch operation is a more popular operation method today, and products with a touch screen look more advanced and intelligent. The Whirlpool XB650V1 pulsator washing machine we recommend to you today adopts touch operation, which is more fashionable and adds convenience to operation. At present, its price has dropped to 2,599 yuan, which is a good price/performance ratio. Friends in need may wish to buy it. Water Heater Wanhe Electric Water Heater DSCF50-E2 Wanhe Electric Water Heater DSCF50-E2 has a stylish design, and a volume of 50 liters can also meet the daily bathing needs of 2-3 families. The biggest selling point of this product is the integrated security protection measures. It is not only anti-electric shock, but also anti-leakage, allowing users to use it with confidence. The price of 1398 yuan is also relatively affordable, and it is affordable for working families to buy. Written at the end: Indeed, living in an idyllic paradise on earth is an ideal way of life for people. Life is a lifetime, grass and trees are autumn, and in just a few decades, everyone has a paradise, and everyone is willing to fight for it for the rest of their lives. Even if it is just a pot of flowers, it is also a sign of life, which can give enough comfort and encouragement to my tired body and mind every day.

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