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Bathroom Shelves: Your Guide to Bathroom Storage - Bathroom Shelves, Bathroom Storage

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-01

In the modern bathroom space, there will always be a lot of modern bathroom furniture stored in the space. Although the large bathroom items are stored in the bathroom, the daily use of bathroom supplies will appear in the closed storage such as storage cabinets. It is very inconvenient, and the necessary storage rack solves these troubles. The ladder-type storage rack that stands against the wall is very suitable for placing in a modern-style home. There is a small area on each layer to store bathroom items. The metal texture, simple structure, easy to maintain and hygienic, and moisture-proof and ventilated. It is a bathroom space. It is a good storage item, and at the same time it effectively matches the bathroom space.

This vertical storage rack makes full use of the design features of the bathroom, relying on the wall, placing a small shelf under the wash basin, not only makes full use of the space, but also inlaid with the wash basin. The combination of the structure is unique and ingenious. Whoever said that the space in the corner can't be used, not only the corner, but also all the corners can be used if you want. The corner of the wall forms a natural triangular area, where a vertical storage rack is nailed. The storage area is spacious and very stable, which can be said to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. The bathroom with simple and natural scenery, natural waterproof solid wood floor, white light tones, makes people feel very natural and refreshing. There are also very bright spots in terms of storage. Open storage cabinets (decoration renderings) are used, and layers of wooden or metal countertops are used on the walls for storage functions, which is a kind of beautifying decoration, making the walls less monotonous. It is also an area for storage and display. Iron art is often used in pastoral-style living rooms, and it can also be used in the bathroom space, giving the space a refreshing pastoral flavor. This wrought iron storage rack has a peculiar shape and an abstract combination of natural pattern grasses, forming two hanging rods and several hooks, which can hang daily necessities. A modern-style storage rack, the upper two layers can be used for daily use of mouthwash cups, soap boxes and other things, and the commonly used towels can also be hung on the bottom, which implements multi-functional storage, which is beautiful and practical. The seemingly natural and random combination is the highlight of the bathroom space. The simple solid wood board is painted dark brown, which contrasts with the white. The lengths are different, harmonious and not monotonous. At the same time, the storage function is not only the storage rack nailed to the wall, but the small storage rack under the washbasin also has a storage function. Every day in the bathroom life, large and small towels are used, so the storage of towels has become a topic of bathroom storage. Towel storage pays attention to hygiene, requires ventilation, and is unlikely to be placed in a closed storage space, so this problem is submitted. Given the towel rack, the towel rack has become a professional solution to this problem. The delicate pattern decoration makes this towel organizer attractive. It not only has a little European (decoration rendering) classical (decoration rendering) atmosphere, but also has the taste of modern art. It can not only reflect practical functions, but also can be hung in the bathroom to embellish the space, making the bathroom unique. Simple stainless steel towel rack, simple structure, large storage space, strong and durable, is the main choice for towel storage racks. The whole shelf is firmly nailed to the wall, the frame structure is fully ventilated and kept hygienic. Have you ever seen such a delicate and lovely towel rack? Cupid, the god of love, sits on it, and the golden five-pointed star in the middle makes the whole bathroom rack look magnificent, and the atmosphere of the western high-level crowd is unmistakable. Install such a towel rack in the bathroom, it can take the style of the whole bathroom to another level.

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