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Bathroom stone smooth and shiny maintenance common sense-bathroom stone, cleaning and maintenance, common sense

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

The natural texture and unique texture make it a fashion to apply a large number of natural stone in interior decoration. However, due to the special environmental conditions in the bathroom, the stone surface here is easily corroded and loses its luster over time. The cleaning and maintenance of the stone in the bathroom mainly includes the following points: When installing the stone, it is necessary to consider the internal protection of the stone, and use the permeable silicone resin solvent for protection to reduce the water absorption rate. Then, the surface of the stone is protected, and the fluorine-containing polymer with waterproof and oil-proof properties is used to reduce the damage of mineral deposits and acidic or alkaline stains such as soapy water to the stone. In daily life, pay attention to cleaning the surface with a neutral cleaning agent, try to make the stone surface dry, and clean the stone surface with pollutants immediately. Do not use shampoos containing dyes, soaps and shampoos containing artificial colors, and acidic or alkaline detergents. In addition, pay attention to the hardness of the water when cleaning. Hard water can leave deposits on the stone surface. When cleaning, it is necessary to consider the variety of stone materials, pollution sources and other conditions to select cleaning agents and cleaning methods in a targeted manner. After a period of use, the marble surface may partially darken or even lose its luster. Therefore, the stone should be polished after a period of use, usually once a year. DIY polishing can be done with a liquid polishing mix (polishing powder and polishing liquid). You can also choose a professional marble maintenance company to help maintain and polish.

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