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Bathroom Volume Enhancement 7 Bathroom Storage Solutions-Bathroom Volume Enhancement, 7 Bathrooms, Storage Solutions

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

Make use of the idle space in the bathroom, use the partition to create two storage compartments, and place bath towels, towels, etc. on the top. A storage basket is placed below, which is used to store daily necessities with a small area for easy access. It is the choice of many families to make a storage cabinet under the vanity table, so that the space can be utilized. In this case, the storage cabinet is made into a multi-drawer design, the small drawers can hold small things, and the deep drawers can put large items in them. This bathroom is very small, but it doesn't feel crowded at all, but it looks well-organized. The narrow and long table is very suitable for this small space, and you can also put some small potted plants to beautify the bathroom environment. It is a good choice to tailor a tall storage cabinet beside the vanity. The multi-compartment design can effectively utilize the space, and put items that are not often used on the top of the cabinet, while the lower compartment can put things in different categories. Even the small space by the door is not spared, it is very convenient to customize a hanging cabinet to put some daily necessities. Install hooks under the hanging cabinet to hang towels and make efficient use of the space. The space on the cabinet door is generally ignored by people. In fact, make a shelf on the cabinet door to effectively use the space and put the toiletries in it, which not only saves space but also makes it convenient and practical. A tall cabinet was erected in the corner of the bathroom, and the bottles and jars were neatly stored in it. The blue cabinet is a good choice in summer, bringing a cool and fresh feeling.

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