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Bathtub Size Ratio Daquan Bathtub Installation Process Method Interpretation - Bathtub Size, Bathtub Installation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

When we buy sanitary ware, the understanding of sanitary ware is necessary. If we are buying a set of bathtubs, then our understanding of the size of the bathtub is a factor that must be considered. When we understand the size of the bathtub, the size of different bathtubs is different. If we want to buy a bathtub at one time Completed, to reduce our secondary labor costs in the process of changing bathtubs due to inconsistent sizes, then our understanding of the sizes of various types of bathtubs is necessary. First of all, let's take a look at the categories of bathtubs: What are the quality requirements for installing bathtubs:

Interpretation of bathtub size and bathroom size ratio (1) Use a brick frame base (skirt or acrylic bathtub can be omitted). (2) Necessary manholes must be opened (skirts or acrylic bathtubs can be omitted). (3) The bottom of the bathtub must be filled with yellow sand, which is not only a maintenance layer but also heat preservation (this can be omitted for skirts or acrylic bathtubs). (4) Hard pipes must be used to connect the bathtub falling water and the drainage system, and sealed with sealant to avoid water leakage, seepage and backwater. (5) It is strictly forbidden to increase the height of the skirted bathtub, and the upper edge of the bathtub of other methods should not be too high. (6) The joint between the bathtub and the wall must be sealed with anti-mold sealant. (7) If installing steps, anti-skid materials must be used, the width of the steps should not be less than 30 cm, and the steps should not be more than two steps. (8) After the installation is completed, fill the tank with water, flush it every 4 hours, twice in total, and check whether the water seeps where the bathtub falls.

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