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Before the stone pavement and construction of some problems that should be paid attention to:

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19

1, engineering stone shop before please read the instructions on the package.

2, engineering for natural wall mounted bar countertop products, natural texture, have off color, is a normal phenomenon. Such as the hole of a hole in the stone, sandstone has sand holes, schist surface layers. Made from wall mounted bar countertop Mosaic with manual processing technology, the natural error exists between particles, and the gaps between the particles are natural error, but does not affect the construction ( When construction, can adjust itself) 。

3, because of the quality of a material of stone products, to avoid the cement mortar or colored surface material pollution, construction site shall be kept clean.

4, engineering stone pavement before first clean the stone surface, make it clean and dry with a scrub brush ( Brush) Or in the form of a drum on stone, positive and four fa? Ade is brushed twice water-soluble anti-seepage agents. For best results, should be made after the first layer of the base completely immerses ( 1 - 2 hours) The second time to brush. To finish maintenance for at least 24 hours before they can shop for seepage control.

5, engineering stone pavement should be seam when the shop is stuck.

6, to strengthen the robustness of paste and the fouling resistance, it is recommended to use adhesive shop is stuck.

7, light-colored stone please use light color to fill every agent.

8, SLATE, wall mounted bar countertop material surface is made by using special cut process, so every piece of between uneven phenomenon. Because its surface is rough, please wipe with a soft cloth on the surface between fill every brush on a small amount of cooking oil and then fill out, in order to fill every agent cleaning up. Note: fill in the time to fill out and use a wet towel to wipe, should not wipe again after large area shop.

9, sand stone product surface sand holes, caulking before application wide tape on stability of seam and to stick around, and then the aperture place tape cut after caulking, lest caulking agent sticks in stone material surface should not be clean.

10, after completion of stone of the project, please find wax curing.

11, engineering stone daily cleaning, please do not use acidic cleaner or powder alkaline cleaners clean stone
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