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Beware of second-hand bathroom makeup

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-04

Mr. Liu bought a second-hand house in March this year. Although the house is 15 years old, the interior decoration still looks very new and can be used continuously. The price is slightly lower than the surrounding houses, so Mr. Liu readily signed the contract and paid the money. Unexpectedly, after cleaning and moving in, I found that the kitchen sewer pipe of this house was not smooth, often plugging leaks, and the bathroom pipe was still leaking, but because of the ceiling, it was not found at the time of the inspection. Most of the switches for kitchen utensils and sanitary ware are not easy to use, the multiple sockets on the wall are not easy to use, and the wiring arrangement is unreasonable. If you want to transform the water circuit, you must knock out all the tiles and start over, which is equivalent to redecorating, which is time-consuming and expensive. Mr. Liu said that when he bought a second-hand house, he thought it would be convenient to decorate it, but he didn't expect it to be a hidden danger for himself. Mr. Liu's experience reminds us that when buying a second-hand house, we must carefully inspect the house. In the process of house inspection, the buyer should not only look at the surface. Although the second-hand house looks new, it has been used for many years. The buyer should not only carefully and strictly perform the house inspection procedure, but also implement the possible problems and solutions into the contract. Whether it is the interior decoration or the gift of ancillary facilities and equipment, it should be determined in writing, and it should be used as an annex to the sales contract. At the same time, both parties can also stipulate in the contract the seller's liability for breach of contract when the actual delivery status does not conform to the agreement. The relocation of household registration is also the key point in the second-hand housing transaction process. Relevant persons suggest that once the house buyer is involved in the household registration issue, before the second-hand house transaction, the buyer should better agree with the seller on the household registration issue. Appropriate transfer period and liability for breach of contract, in order to avoid rights and interests damaged.

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