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Buy solar water heaters, be careful not to freeze-buy solar water heaters, be careful not to freeze

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-11

As a green and energy-saving product, solar water heaters have been favored by more and more consumers. However, due to the increasing number of complaints from consumers in northern cities about issues such as solar water heaters being dormant in winter and the quality of accessories being inadequate, the Municipal Consumers Association issued a consumer warning: Consumers should purchase solar water heaters with caution. A survey from the Consumers Association shows that there are two main reasons why solar water heaters are hibernating or not working well in the north: First, the product quality is not good enough, and the vacuum tubes produced by some manufacturers are of poor quality and small specifications, resulting in the heat collection efficiency of the hot water production system. Low temperature, poor heat preservation effect, hot water can not be kept warm, which will cause freezing blockage of pipelines and poor hot water circulation; another reason is the influence of geographical environment, because northern cities, including Harbin, belong to alpine regions and have long winters. Therefore, the requirements for the product quality and technical indicators of solar water heaters are relatively high. In this regard, the Municipal Consumers Association specially issued a consumer warning to remind consumers that when purchasing solar water heaters, they should take winter ease as an important selection criterion. At the same time, try to buy products with standard accessories and pipes as much as possible. It is necessary to choose brand products with good reputation, product quality and after-sales service as much as possible, and do not buy Sanwu products produced by small workshop enterprises. In addition, do not simply use the number of vacuum tubes or the capacity of the water tank as the basis for judging whether the solar water heater is suitable for your own family.

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