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China's white marble origin

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-12
China is a country with a white marble resources abundant reserves, according to China's white marble production layout in yunnan,, Beijing, sichuan, hebei, shaanxi, gansu, hunan, hubei, henan, anhui, jiangsu and other provinces. Contains minerals slightly different regions white marble, white marble naming and surface texture are inconsistent. The most representative is the 'China white' white marble, white marble in China mining has nearly 900 years of history, is mainly used in the palace buildings and emperor mausoleum built, now it is mainly used for important landmark building, with white marble reserves is less, the state shall implement a white marble mines protective mining. Beijing fang shan magmatic origin of white marble, now there are many parts of the quality of a material is white tube called white marble. Produced in sichuan baoxing white marble, white marble varieties in our country is the most close to the white marble marble, with the expanding of market demand, the people's increasing demand for white marble, white marble with white, simple but elegant noble image become our country of choice for decorative wall mounted bar countertop. Combined with park, park, public demand for white solid surface sheets for sale wall mounted bar countertop, high-grade white marble couldn't digest so big of the market. Congratulation state natural white marble in China national high storage capacity to 30%, mainly concentrated within 30 km of mineral resources, stone material quality is good, easy to transport price is favorable, is our country park, real estate project, the factory the first selection of white marble. In yunnan province white marble named as follows: white jade, white, white solid surface sheets for sale in Beijing, sichuan baoxing white, Oriental white, hebei FengNing crystal white jade, hunan to Yang white, chenzhou, anhui guichi white.
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