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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-12
The most ancient tradition, stone, building material, its processing technology and application, together with human civilization. The most ancient tradition, stone, building material, its processing technology and application, together with human civilization. After natural marble, granite processing, color, light bright, senior top-grade building decoration, make the person to experience both solemn and beautiful, and elegant and generous. It hard, seismic, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to weathering and can, is irreplaceable materials used in construction engineering. As people piao guizhen, advocate natural aesthetic interest to the development of stone has become an important part of human life beauty and art. Its application is more and more widely, growing prosperity at home and abroad market. Our country has the rich wall mounted bar countertop material resources, breed of design and color. Preliminary proven national reserves of more than 300 cubic meters of marble, solid surface reserves of more than 1000 cubic meters, there are more than 1000 varieties of designs and colors. The white king han such as Beijing, liaoning dandong green, sichuan Lu Shan red, shandong jinan), henan rosin yellow enjoys a high reputation. Our mid-range sichuan baoxing white, congratulation state of white. Our country has developed granite deposit can be divided into the flowers Wen rock, diorite and muddy rocks. If a package insert, granite, biotite granite, hornblende granite, diorite, gabbro, basalt, stretched rock, syenite, etc. Structure closely with high intensity, high content of SiO2 is resistant to strong acid. Fibrillation color have red, pink, pink, gray, gray, black, its color, black and its various transition, after polishing show all sorts of beautiful decorative pattern and design. Our country has developed marble ore deposits are mainly solid surface sheets for sale and dolomite, and transitional ore deposit. Including all kinds of marble, marble lithification limestone, Peter gray rock, planning of petrochemical skarn, dolomite, etc. General microcrystalline compact structure, high intensity, processing after polishing gloss good, appear beautiful bright colors and patterns. Color have white, black, red, cream-colored, sallowness, green and so on, its figure joy has wood, ash, clouds such as granite, marble is increasingly popular advanced building cloth material. application as early as 1000 years ago, China's ancient working people began after the natural solid surface sheets for sale, granite sculpture processing, used for architectural and artistic adornment, the world famous columns, huabiao in front of the tiananmen square, and so the palace station base of wall mounted bar countertop lions, the temple of heaven complex, are carved from natural stone material, shows the level of decorative stone art in our country. 'Famous', welding grottoes, yungang grottoes ', 'longmen grottoes', 'ligou cave', 'tian long mountain grottoes stone carvings, such as the shape of vivid, the exquisite craft, with makings fastidious, is the treasure of the treasure house of art in the building industry, solid surface sheets for sale, granite is applied to the steps, ground, metope, driveway, pillars, windowsill, flood water, flower terraces and other construction site. Artificial wall mounted bar countertop is widely used in the ground, stair, cylindrical, column board, partition and window sill board, etc.
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