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Choose a good floor drain to block the invasion of 'Xiaoqiang'-floor drain, Xiaoqiang

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-13

A well-chosen floor drain to block Xiaoqiang's newly renovated house always has an inexplicable odor, especially in rainy days, windy days and when the cooker hood is turned on during cooking. It stinks; a new house without cockroaches suddenly found cockroaches; some small flying insects are often seen on the fruit peels in the trash can. These phenomena are disturbing and seriously affect people's normal life. After investigation, the reason was found. Because the atmospheric pressure will become lower when it is cloudy and rainy, the foul odor in the sewer pipe will leak from the bathroom and kitchen floor drains, vegetable basins, wash basins, showers due to the effect of the pressure difference. Houses, mop pools, and other sewer outlets flock indoors. When the range hood is turned on (if the doors and windows are tightly closed), the odor of the sewer will come up because the indoor air pressure is artificially lowered. Why is it that as long as one family has cockroaches in the whole building, others will soon have cockroaches? Because the sewer pipes are open, cockroaches crawl back and forth between households through the pipes. The above phenomena are all due to the neglect of details that should not be ignored when decorating. At present, the commonly used water-sealed floor drains and mechanical baffle floor drains have many disadvantages: if the water seal is too shallow, it is easy to dry up and fail; if the water seal is too deep, the accumulated water itself will easily deteriorate and produce peculiar smell, breeding bacteria and flying insects; mechanical Sensitivity failure caused by rust, dirt, lax closure caused by hair impurities, etc., will cause deodorization failure. These floor drains not only fail to solve the above-mentioned problems, but instead become the ventilation holes for odors, the passage for cockroaches to visit the door, and the breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Jiuhe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.'s national-owned Bangge deodorant floor drain and Jiu'anjie deodorant floor drain use the weather resistance, stable physical properties and high elasticity of silica gel to achieve deodorization, insect resistance, anti-clogging, anti-overflow, and no cleaning. With the washbasin kitchen basin water deodorizer, floor drain deodorant core, completely solve the above problems, and provide door-to-door service, silicone core warranty for 5 years, invalid double refund.

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