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Classic Solid Color Stylish Bathroom Novello loves to create a pure white design-white minimalist, stylish bathroom, white bathroom bathtub design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-04

The white minimalist and fashionable bathroom created by the designer Novello with the theme of love is full of romance, giving people a beautiful visual experience. In this issue, we have launched a series of pictures to show you their design concepts. CLASSIC SOLID COLOR MODERN BATHROOM DESIGN

This elegant white bathroom tub design was created by designer Novello. With love as the theme, it is simple, fashionable and romantic. The added curvature of the modern bathtub creates a unique effect that also distinguishes it from other bathrooms of its time. Smooth lines and clean, elegant white make the furniture more flawless and suitable for all interior styles. Placing flower pots in your bathroom makes you feel like you're in an outdoor spa. This is a multifunctional bathroom, functional, unusual in appearance, giving a lot of romantic reverie and visual enjoyment.

A range of washbasin cabinets are available in different sizes. Novello creates stylish bathroom furniture with a love theme that can help you create your dream bathroom.

The natural and elegant white bathtub is slightly curved than the ordinary bathtub, which outlines a beautiful arc, like a small boat, and you will feel relaxed when you lie here. The placement of green plants in the bathroom is also a major feature of Novello's design concept, which is like being in an outdoor spa area.

The design concept of Novo bathroom furniture, even the floor is printed with 'LOVE, and there are plants placed there, romantic factors can be captured everywhere, as soon as you step into the bathroom It feels warm and romantic.

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