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Cleaning work procedures and standards for toilets in public areas-Cleaning work, procedures and standards

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-02

The cleaning procedure of toilets in public areas, especially the toilets in the hall, is an important basis for measuring the level of sanitation services in a hotel. It is necessary to formulate strict and integrated procedures and standards for toilet cleaning services in public areas to ensure that all guests who enter the hotel provide high-quality sanitary services. Procedure standard 1. Clean up the garbage and put all the garbage into the garbage bag. There are alkaline cleaners to scrub the trash can, and the inside and outside of the trash can be cleaned with a cloth, without stains. Before cleaning the ashtray, you should check whether the cigarette butts are extinguished; clean the ashtray and wipe the inside, and there should be no more than 3 cigarette butts in the ashtray. Clean the toilet Pour toilet cleaner into the toilet (the water level in the toilet should be low); clean the toilet with a toilet brush until the dirt is gone; flush the toilet with clean water; clean the toilet seat, base and lid ; Clean the outside of the toilet. Wipe the seat, base, lid, and outside of the toilet clean with a dry cloth. To clean the vertical urinal, pour the detergent into the urinal along the side wall; rinse and wipe in sequence from the upper water hole to the lower hole with a scouring pad; rinse with clean water; wash the outside of the vertical urinal with detergent, and use a dry wiping cloth Wipe clean to ensure no smudges. Aroma balls can be placed in the toilet bowl. Clean the walls and wall partitions with a sponge and cloth dipped in detergent, wipe from top to bottom; wipe with a clean cloth to ensure no stains. Wax and polish regularly. Clean toilet doors and partition doors with detergent and dry cloth. Wipe down door frames, door handles and check door locks, door closers, door tops for proper function; paint the facade regularly to keep it shiny. Clean the ceiling Clean the ceiling so that it is free of smudges and water marks. Remove cobwebs from corners; wipe vents, air conditioning openings to make sure they are clean and working properly. Clean the wash basin and the countertop. Wipe the wash basin with detergent, use a scouring pad to disinfect the overflow hole, drain hole and the inner surface of the basin, and rinse it with clean water; wipe the water and wave your hands to make it free of stains and watermarks; check whether the function is normal (whether the water temperature is normal and the water output is normal); clean the marble countertop, wipe it with detergent, and wax and polish regularly. 20 small face towels are placed in the tray for guest spares to ensure whiteness and no stains. Place facial tissue, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer; toilet paper and facial tissue should be folded. Clean the mirror Use glass cleaner to wipe the mirror clean, and use a dry cloth to wipe the mirror until it is smudge-free and bright. Wipe the frame clean. CLEANING OF CHROME PRODUCTS Use a polishing cleaner to polish and wipe down all chrome-plated products. Clean the ground Keep the ground clean at all times, free of debris, stains, and imprints. Wipe the floor with detergent, especially the corners, the side of the standing urinal; wipe with a dry cloth. Wax and polish regularly. There should be no water on the ground to prevent slipping. Indoor purification to prevent odor, spray air freshener every 1-2 hours. 2. Special personnel for health service The toilets in public areas shall have special personnel to provide sanitation services for guests. Health Service Guests entering the bathroom should greet or smile. After the guests are relieved, they will take the initiative to turn on the water, adjust the water temperature and water flow speed, and ask the guests to wash their hands. Provide hand sanitizer for guests, hand a small face towel to the guest's hands to wipe their hands, take the small face towel and put it back to the designated position; open the bathroom door for the guest and say goodbye to the guest. Guests need to organize their clothes, and a cleaning brush can be used to gently clean the clothes for guests. A shoe shine service is available for guests with dust or stains on their shoes. Assist the disabled to relieve their hands, wash their hands or other services in the bathroom; provide services for children and the elderly; flush toilets and vertical urinals at any time to prevent indoor odors. Wipe the water marks on the ground, the water marks and smudges on the gimbal surface at any time; wipe the water marks and smudges on the mirror surface. Ensure adequate supply of small face towels, facial tissues, and toilet paper. Remind guests not to leave valuables in disorder so as not to lose them.

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