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Clever design makes bathroom space more tidy-design, bathroom space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

The bathroom is small and messy, and the lack of storage space makes many owners uncomfortable. And the fake walls caused by the pipes and so on take up a lot of space, making the bathroom more cramped. The designer pointed out that in fact, the fake wall can also be used cleverly, which can create multiple storage spaces and make your bathroom more tidy. Pipe side Most families will choose to package the riser when decorating. For bathtubs and other sewer pipes, some owners choose to hide them in the bathroom cabinet. If you want to wrap it, you need the unified planning of the designer, which makes it possible to increase the storage space. According to Ni Jian, the designer of Qingzhou Decoration Dongzhu Shangpin, light-weight bricks are generally used to cover pipes. If multiple pipes are involved, they can be arranged as a whole, set as one according to the position of the pipes, and then put them in some free positions, such as the lower part of the bathtub or two pipes. Glass or solid wood partitions are installed on the free parts of the side and riser pipes, or cabinets with corresponding specifications and dimensions are customized, and some small items for bathrooms such as toiletries and various detergents are placed in it. If the bathroom space allows, the false wall can also be expanded into a full wall according to the location of the pipes, and a custom locker flush with the wall can be installed on it. However, Ni Jian also pointed out that since the false wall generally needs more than 10 cm wide, and the cabinet must also occupy 50 cm wide, it takes up a lot of wall space. There is also a built-in storage cabinet, which can be used to set the space in the riser into a drawer or a three-dimensional cabinet, which is still on the same plane as the false wall when not in use, which can not only design a larger storage area, but also avoid small The common clutter in apartment bathrooms makes up for the lack of small space. Ni Jian said that some larger bathroom spaces can use full false walls to achieve overall coordination and unity. The false walls can make the bathroom space whole, and each storage space also looks neat and orderly. Wall-mounted toilets Some owners choose novel wall-mounted toilets. Unlike conventional toilets, the water tank and pipes of this product need to be hidden in false walls. For the owners who cherish the area, it seems to be a waste of space, but in fact it is not. Although the ordinary toilet does not need a false wall, the space above the water tank cannot be used, and the space around the toilet is also scattered and disordered. After constructing the false wall, the invalid space has the possibility to become the effective space. The interior of the false wall can be hollowed out and customized as a storage space or partition, or arranged as a decorative space for installing spotlights and shelving candle essential oils. Items or flowers can be placed on the top of the fake wall. Since the wall-mounted toilet is not affected by the pit distance, it can realize the rearrangement of the toilet, and the placement of sanitary ware can be built according to the actual needs of the owner. If the design is clever, the false wall can also have unexpected effects: for example, installing the toilet in the corner where the riser is located can reduce the floor space of the false wall to a smaller size, and the layout is also ingenious; the false wall is built in the bathroom. , All kinds of sanitary ware are hung on both sides. The false wall is used as a separation wall to realize dry and wet partitions, and it can also save the cost of the shower room. At the bathtub Your favorite bathtub doesn't fit well with the wall? If it is empty, it is not only unsightly, but also easy to become a dead corner of hygiene. But if a fake wall is built between the bathtub and the wall, it will not only be beautiful, but also the remaining space can be used to store toiletries, and a storage space is born again. TIPS Pay attention to material selection and matching Ni Jian's suggestion, because glass laminates are easy to make and easy to take care of, so glass laminates are the main storage space in the false wall; if the owner needs a storage cabinet that is flush with the wall , You need to measure the size in advance, reserve space when building the wall, and make the size accurate when customizing, otherwise it will be impossible to install. In addition, the bathroom is very humid. When choosing materials, you need to pay attention to choosing waterproof materials. Generally, it is not recommended to choose solid wood materials, and rust-proof products should also be selected for cabinet door handles.

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