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Consumers buy bathroom better than shop around-Consumers buy bathroom, shop around

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

Sanitary wares on the market are dazzling with various brands and grades. The price ranges from one to two hundred to several thousand, and although some brands of sanitary ware are marked with higher prices, they are often 60, 30% off, or even half price. More and more consumers are beginning to question the high price tag and big discount. What is the actual price of sanitary ware? It can be discounted on the basis of the original price. The discount range is generally between 7.5% and 50%, and some can even be 40% off. In one of the stores selling a certain brand of sanitary ware in Foshan, Guangdong, a toilet marked 2,300 yuan on the price list, and the operator said that it could be sold for as little as 1,700 yuan. When asked if it could be cheaper, the operator said on the one hand, this toilet is a brand product, the price is relatively high, only 25% off; on the other hand, he said that if you buy something in the store More, you can also give a lower price. Similarly, in Guijiu Building Materials City, the original price of a certain brand's split toilet is only 599 yuan after discount; in the Zhongxin and Xinfa building materials market, the original price of a brand's one-piece toilet and bathroom cabinet package is 3846 yuan, The current price is only 1999 yuan. The discounted price is only about half of the original price, and there is room for negotiation. In this regard, many consumers doubt that the discounted price is only about half of the original price. Are these brands losing money? Merchants can still maintain profits even when the price is reduced by half compared to the usual price. These phenomena are unheard of. The price is real.

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