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counter tops - what is solid surface?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-12
Solid surface counter
Top products are high
Performance resin systems such as acrylic or unsaturated polyester.
The filling content in these materials is very high and there is a lack of gel coating.
They are mainly used for countertop applications, but also for wall panel applications.
There are several design advantages to using solid surface materials: first, they have the ability to process in the same way as wood, although special fabric procedures and special equipment are required.
To adapt to almost any shape or surface, they can be cut and bonded precisely.
The color of the product is exactly the same, which means that scratches, stains and debris can easily be polished off when necessary.
There are several different brands of solid surface materials, including but not limited;
Avonite, water source, Nevamar, Transolid, Surell, Gibraltar, and DuPont Corniche.
Solid surface materials are also frequently provided by small producers and manufacturers.
According to an industry trade journal, these materials are at least 12-
Percentage of kitchen building work per year.
Solid surface countertops offered by companies like Staron are very low
Maintenance, solid acrylic options.
They offer 50 solid surface materials of different colors, 11 different edge treatments and constantly changing
Various patterns.
They say the solid surface material is-
Bacteria and heat
It can be bent with heat, or it can be formed with heat.
They provide high gloss material, half
Glossy and matte.
Staron sells their solid surface materials in length of 145 and 30 and promises that the seams will disappear completely after installation.
The price of solid surface materials is between $35. 00 and $55.
00 per square foot, depending on the option selected. Solid-
Custom surface table often
At the appropriate length, this also eliminates the possibility of seams. Solid-
If you are looking for specific colors or textures that are not available in other KKR countertop materials, the surface KKR countertop may be your right choice
The surface material has almost any color imaginable. Solid-
Surface materials are also unique because you can use the same material to make sinks, which means they will be perfectly combined with your countertop.
The most famous names of these products are Kelian and Swanstone.
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