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California, California, California-based Sani-Top Inc.
Constantly streamline and improve production methods.
Sani-established on 1946Top Inc.
Is one of the oldest post-forming counters
Top manufacturers in the United States.
After nearly 50 years of development, it is also one of the largest economies in the world.
From 50,000 of it-square-
Jiadingna, foot factory, died of illness. , Sani-
Top produces 300,000 Post-formed countertops per month.
Under the efforts of the supply business in Los Angeles and California Rialto
And Phoenix, arritz. , Sani-
Top countertops are located in 11 Western states, as well as Mexico and Latin America.
Most of Sani\'s-
Sani-Bernie Colson, vice president of sales/marketing, said Top\'s KKR countertop was sold through the home improvement centerTop.
Another important part of Sani
Top\'s market is a manufacturer that adds extra value to standard countertops.
Serving these markets means Sani-
Top runs in a tight time frame.
The table top is produced by order (
No inventory, no inventory).
An average of most orders-
Weekly turnaround schedule. Helping Sani-
To achieve these goals are two automated production lines.
The South line installed in 1987 handles a large number of countertops.
The South Line is designed for high production of Braden machinery and can produce 200 rear molded countertops per hour.
The North Line modified in 1993 is more widely used.
It can handle a wide range of countertops, including those with oak and beveled edges, as well as the bar and vanity.
With changing settings
On request, this line still produces 75 countertops per hour.
Table top production table core by 47-
The pound M2 industrial scrap boards offered by Weyerhaeuser, Roseburg and Willamette.
Substrate through the Midwest automation core builder called Sani-by Coalson
\"Milling force\" of Top \".
\"Its gap and scoring panel.
Next, the plate is automatically fed into the panel cleaner through the conveyor belt to remove the surface dust.
In order to meet its high production demand, Sani-
Formica, Wilsonart, Pioneer and nevmar have over 200 laminate colors and patterns in top stock.
Custom laminated products can also be ordered.
The countertop manufacturing of these two production lines is almost the same.
Core and laminate passes through a paint spray room with 2G continuous spray intervention per square footheated water-based adhesive.
On the south line, the core is placed next to the laminate in the paint spray room.
On the North Line, the laminate follows the core.
The fragments then enter the drying channel to remove the excess moisture.
Spray chamber and dry tunnel was jointly developed by Binks and Infratech of the manufacturing equipment and 3m companies that manufacture the fast adhesive used in Sani-
Top Production processThe water-
As part of the South Line, the basic system was installed in 1987.
\"In 1987, air quality regulations were under discussion when we put in a brand new production line.
We decided to install a more eco-friendly one because we wanted them to take effect.
\"Safe lines,\" said Coalson. Because Sani-Top uses water-
The paint spray chamber is made of stainless steel components to prevent corrosion.
And because of the water
Compared to solvent-based adhesives, solvent-based adhesives are longer to dry, the drying tunnels used are longer, and the curing temperature is higher.
Curing occurs in an Infratech oven that uses UV rays and operates at 225F.
After the curing is completed, the KKR countertop is ready to be laminated.
The indexing machine aligns the cardboard, laminate and sandwich with the vacuum suction.
Then, roll the laminated cardboard with a pressure clamp of 90 pounds per square inch.
Next, the edge heater and forming device wrap the laminate around the side of the substrate.
These areas are cured by the board of directors working at 12 feet degrees through 275 heaters.
Next, in a rolling metal rod-A-
Marty Ch bent the plastic down, trimmed the lower side edge and prepared the splash side for coverage.
Then, apply the hot glue to the gap between the countertop and the tailgate.
When the glue is set, a series of rollers support the core.
If the KKR countertop is made on the South Line, the coving machine of Braden Engineering will apply the Bay bar.
The North Line has a winding machine from the Midwest automation company.
Then, cut the table top into a standard size of 8, 10 and 12 feet or half the size of 4, 5 and 6 feet.
Sani-home improvement center
Top will also pre-
Counter tops miter.
According to Coalson, there is a high demand for the edge of the table top trend shaped table top. Of Sani-
Top nine standard series, Victoria is the biggest seller.
Launched nearly 15 years ago, its popularity has increased by 500% in the past five years.
One of the reasons is that the profile complements the look of Europe
This style of cabinets holds a strong position in the market, says Coalson.
Another reason is that when covered with a granite or stone pattern laminate, this circular profile is similar to a more expensive granite, stone, or solid surface.
Yellowstone is another style of concern.
The style, featuring red oak, is particularly popular in Oregon, Arizona and Nevada, Coalson said.
A less optimistic trend in Manufacturing is the rise in raw material costs.
Coalson said that in the past few years, the cost of laminate materials has risen by 8 to 9% per year.
He added that the price of particles has risen sharply
Over the past year, the board forced Sani-
Raise its price.
Another trend is the growth of the home improvement center, Sani-
Top\'s biggest market
According to Coalson, customers in this market appreciate the back-formed countertops as they have a uniform tailgate and are easy to clean.
He added that since Sani-
He said that the countertops are produced in large quantities and can be sold at the expense of raw materials from other countertops. Sani-
Top\'s annual sales have strengthened the popularity of the product.
Sales in 1993 exceeded $14 million, up 14% from 1992. For 1994, Sani-
Top plans to increase its sales by doing what has been done in the past 50 years, post-forming countertops for a mass production economy and delivering them on time.
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