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countertop material options

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-18
Solid surface countertops are artificial materials made of aluminum ore and plastic resin combined with pigments.
These parts are put into the mold and then solidified into a solid stone with heat and chemicals.
The last piece of paper is a quarter in inches thick and can be layered to fit any space and create edges.
The countertop materials produced are right
Porous surfaces that are highly resistant to moisture, mildew, stains and bacteria, and can be used even in hospitals.
The colors and pigments added to the material allow the final product to present the appearance of any type of natural stone, as well as the various colors that satisfy any interior decoration.
In general, a solid surface KKR countertop is a durable material that is able to resist heat and scratches.
They are not only used for home applications such as kitchens or bathrooms, but also for public buildings from hospitals to bars and restaurants.
The surface itself is glued together to form a seamless transition between the KKR countertop, sink and tailgate.
This enhances the appearance of the final product, but also helps to prevent water damage and bacterial growth that can occur between stone plates.
The solid surface countertops are manufactured by many different manufacturers and they all offer slightly different recipes, colors and designs.
The two most commonly used brands are Hi Macs made by Keli and LG produced by DuPont.
Let\'s see how they compare and differ.
DuPont\'s Corian countertop material is a suitable formula that combines their paint expertise with over 130 different colors and designs.
The finished board has also been certified by the National Institute of Standards for food contact in the United States, which means that the surface is guaranteed and has been verified to be resistant to bacteria.
DuPont has a 96% customer satisfaction and 10-
Annual warranty for Coorian and its installation.
The solid surface material of LG\'s Hi MacsLG brand is called Hi Macs.
In order to improve the heat resistance of the material, the surface of the project is cured for the second time at 320 degrees.
If hot pot or pot is placed directly on the countertop, this is especially useful in the kitchen environment. LG offers a 15-
Their Hi Macs products are guaranteed for one year.
Compared to natural stone and granite substitutes, the cost of all solid surface materials is very reasonable.
If one of the products is damaged, the slate can be repaired in place without having to tear them off and use another slate like a stone countertop.
All of these reasons come together to provide an impressive and beautiful product with a long service life.
It is no wonder that more and more homeowners and public buildings incorporate this material into their designs.
Whether you choose Corian as a certification standard or LG as a heat resistant and longer warranty period, these countertops will not be lost.
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