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Create a perfect small and fresh bathroom Winter warm series-Fashion trendy, high-quality bathtub, small fresh

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-26

The bathroom is a purely private space, no need to consider anyone else's vision, so it must be what you like. The bathtub occupies half of the bathroom, especially in cold weather, relieve fatigue, enjoy the warm time of the bathtub quietly, and then light up the aromatherapy, so that you can slow down your life in this cold weather! 1. Fashionable and elegant home to enjoy high quality Bathtub

The story of a celebrity in the fashion circle: The leader of DARA, a social celebrity in the fashion circle, the family of three of Jiang Peng, his wife Zhang Jun and their beloved daughter, Elegance is reflected in good. The couple used their hands to freely carve a graceful curve for the home. The bathtub in his house: Jiang Peng said that the most proud part of his design is to move the bathtub under the skylight and bathe with the stars, how romantic. Choose a suitable bathtub and relax with a massage function. 2. Mori girls prefer home model houses and advocating natural bathtubs

Mori girl story: The more popular Mori girls in Japan now refer to the natural style of dressing like walking out of the forest , a woman who is recognized by everyone with a natural attitude to life and advocating fresh and bright color matching. Their home requirements are also very different. Mori girl's bathtub: The bathroom is made of wood-colored tiles and marble. The bathtub is surrounded by marble, which is presented in light colors, which is very soft and comfortable. It also shows the feeling of a private bathroom. It is a place to relax after a hard day. Good place. 3. Small and fresh literary model house love new elegant bathtub

Little fresh story: The fresh style that literary and artistic youth prefers permeates from beige home. Beige home not only has the pure romance of white, but also has a refreshing and pleasant temperament. For a simple and modern space style, beige is undoubtedly a good choice. Small fresh bathtub: The semi-open bathroom in the same room as the bedroom is fresh and elegant. The bathtub with prominent lines is one of the highlights, which seems to be placed randomly, making the space more relaxed. Comments: Winter is a season suitable for slow life and slow enjoyment. The temptation of bathtubs is highlighted in winter. A hot bath in the tub can be one of the happier times of everyone's day, and it can dissipate the tiredness and discomfort of the cold. Online hot selling, domestic brands, international brands, which are the better choices? Let's take a look and see. Or there is no better, only the more suitable.

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