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Create a unique wall in the bathroom space and dress up three tricks-space level, design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

1 Waistline increases spatial layering The waistline is an important element to unify the interior style and connect the design circles. Therefore, how to arrange and match the waistline in the space has become a problem that people are more and more concerned about. The same waistline has different effects due to the different methods of laying.

Combination of horizontal and vertical to distinguish functional areas When the bathroom space is relatively large, if you want to make the major indoor areas more clear and clear, you can use vertical or horizontal waistlines to distinguish them. This horizontal and vertical arrangement with big ups and downs, with prominent contrast and clean lines, can not only make it clear to you at a glance, but also add a lot of modern abstract geometric paintings to your bathroom. Waistline vertical stickers increase the brightness of the space Vertical stickers are also a more popular tile sticking method now. Compared with the waistline of horizontal collage, the waistline of vertical collage is more smooth in line and saves more material than the horizontal waistline. Since the vertical paste can visually make the whole space look tall, it is especially suitable for bathrooms with low space. Waistline laying on the floor changes the monotony of the ground The waistline can be used on the ground. The varied waistline breaks the monotonous situation of large bricks, gives the ground a flexible and vivid feeling, and brings freshness and beauty to the home. In addition, the waistline can also play a role in dividing the space. It is also in the bathroom. Through the design of the waistline, relatively independent functional areas can be divided, and there is no need to use furniture to divide the space. Tips: Commonly used decorative techniques The waistline has gotten rid of the single pattern of pasting and can be pasted horizontally or vertically. In addition to separating walls, it can also separate functional areas.

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