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Create your exclusive bathroom space - bathroom, exclusive space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

With the improvement of people's requirements for home decoration, the decoration of the bathroom is no longer limited to the more ordinary white tiles, and began to use different colors to match different tones, and consumers have begun to focus on various bathrooms. In terms of supplies, using personalized sanitary ware to create different bathroom spaces, not only the color and pattern of tiles are changing, but even toilets, Yuba, and hardware are being fully utilized by people. Use color to improve dryness. When purchasing sanitary ware, most people do not think of matching other colors, or other utensils or the overall style. In fact, whether it is the overall layout or color of the bathroom, they should be installed in a coordinated and orderly manner. , make the bathroom brighter and cleaner. In addition, everyone should also pay attention that when using bathroom products of different colors and styles, do not use too much without layers. Colors or bright colors are better to be used in combination with ordinary solid colors. A finishing touch. In addition, through the obvious changes in color and more colorful colors, local decoration can make the space lively. Pure white and beige are very fresh colors. Wrigley uses such pure colors for toilets, bathtubs, ceramic basins, etc. The premise of keeping the bathroom dry is that the color should be soft and clean. Choose products for your bathroom decoration. Whether you choose the ordinary white of Wrigley, or match it with other pure monochromatic colors, or the matching colors look very good, the various color matching provided by Wrigley can largely avoid the excessive monotony of the solid color system. . Well-glazed toilets, bathtubs and tiles are combined into a whole space, and with fine workmanship and distinct colors of bathroom cabinets, let them jump out from certain visual angles and make your entire bathroom appear three-dimensional. Effect. In addition to using color tones, Wrigley products enhance the overall brightness. It also makes full use of color to create a warm and bright visual effect, which plays a good role in overall coordination. The overall effect is clean and simple. And just the right wall decoration, as well as the use of light and shadow, create a leisurely bathroom atmosphere. Simple and exquisite extension of space It is also one of the trends of bathroom decoration in recent years to make full use of small-volume bathroom appliances for personalized decoration. However, few people know that bathroom products with appropriate color and style can also break the visual balance, making the bathroom with limited space appear much more spacious than the actual space. A separate bathroom product may not look outstanding, but when combined with other products as a whole, it gives people a very smooth feeling and a lot of space. Light-colored ceramics and dark-colored logs are cross-mixed and spread throughout the interior, making it more agile. Gentle neutral tones make the space no longer icy. If a color-coordinated shower curtain is added to divide the functional areas, one is to form a transition with the toilet area, and the other is to enhance the beauty and comfort. For those who want to create a cosy and comfortable bathroom atmosphere, such a mild color bathroom is perfect. There is sunlight shining on the wall through the window, and the contrast between the bright side and the dark side will make the whole more three-dimensional. The use of Wrigley's shiny bathroom utensils, combined with Wrigley's simple and well-designed bathroom furniture, can create a dazzling visual effect. You can also freely decorate some murals on the wall according to your preferences, place some decorations appropriately, and use simple decoration and light-colored overall style to achieve visual balance and form a special aesthetic. Whether it is the light color of the background or the white ceramics with simple lines, this space formed by the combination of bright and light colors with visual contrast effect has a rich three-dimensional sense of color and is full of liveliness and agility.

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