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Decorate stone varieties classification daquan - With the quality comparison - stone Shi Li stones industry

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-07
Decorate stone varieties classification daquan - Different stone material quality comparison - Shi Li stones industry at present, the market to sell as many as one thousand kinds of natural stone. Decorate stone varieties classification daquan - Different stone material quality comparison - Shi Li stones industry at present, the market to sell as many as one thousand kinds of natural stone. But in the stone formation way of introduction, we will be natural stone into solid surface sheets for sale, granite, SLATE, sandstone, etc. Granite originated from volcanic eruptions and crystal color uniform particles, crystalline state stone. After magma is relatively hard to burn, with a high compressive strength ratio and the bending strength, hardness is the most highest in numerous stone, is also the longest service life and is often used for outdoor decoration. from sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks, characterized by high density, color beautiful, bright her, after polishing marble have all sorts of color stripe and design, show the elegant beauty of the background color, used in high-grade building, star hotel lobby, TV setting wall, etc. Strength is lower than granite, solid surface sheets for sale, so often used for interior decoration. SLATE is a metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock if mixed sand, soil and other acidic limestone formed by the metamorphism, its characteristic is has high wear resistance, commonly used on the bathroom floor groove, outdoor wall also can be used with landscape. SLATE is the most green hide by the dealer or its processing is convenient, no large cutting equipment, the least cost of investment. According to the different usage scenarios optional stone; 1, outdoor decoration; From the environment is relatively poor, weather impact and harmful substances, as well as influencing the wind load are analyzed. Choose high strength granite products as a general interior decoration materials. Scene, the application of stone material is divided into external application and content. 2, interior decoration; We mainly pursuit of beauty and creativity, luxuriant and simple effects. Therefore, marble and SLATE products is the mainstream of choice. The kitchen mesa can use a good resistance to high temperature granite or quartz. Stone detection performance are mainly about what time; Stone is mainly the quality of the stone of the physical and mechanical performance, including water absorption, dry density, compressive strength, flexural strength, etc. Generally speaking, the stone is small in size, high absorption rate. The appearance of the stone material is loose, and its fundamental flaw is a porous material. When using inhalation of various impurities and dirt easily. Early damage of stone compressive strength and bending strength is low, not only can not meet the requirement of the design and use, also faces serious project risk. Therefore, after extracting specific stone, external wall of dry stone, in quality inspection departments qualified physical testing is especially important. According to different purposes, stone material quality evaluation index is liquid abrasion resistance, frost resistance ( The change of the compressive strength after freezing and thawing cycle) , hardness, shear strength and chemical composition content. Stone as a ground to decorate material, should also pay attention to the hardness and abrasion resistance index.
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