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Design bathroom, put safety in an important position - bathroom, safety

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-14

The bathroom is a private place in home life. Every day from washing, going to the toilet, to the cleaning after fatigue, it can be said that it is closely related to the bathroom. Every small design link in the bathroom may affect future use. Therefore, paying attention to the safety of the bathroom is particularly important to our lives. Ground protection: For safety reasons, the floor material of the bathroom is better to use anti-slip floor tiles. The anti-slip floor tiles have high friction and good waterproof performance. Even if the ground is covered with water, it will not be too slippery. In this way, there is no need to worry about the elderly at home. I fell down due to inconvenience in my legs and feet. Dry and wet separation: The bathroom is dealing with water from morning to night. In order to prevent it from being too humid, it is better to separate dry and wet, and separate the shower room from the toilet area, which can prevent splashing and keep the ground dry. For bathrooms that do not have dry and wet separation, you can try to use soft curtains, wide drooping blinds, etc. to partially block them. This will not affect the lighting and can also play the role of partition, keeping the ground dry, and cleaning it will not be too troublesome. Lighting protection: The bathroom is damp, so it is better to bring safety protection to the lights and switches in the bathroom, so as to ensure the safety of electricity use. Even if the visiting guests are not familiar with the bathroom, they can safely find the power supply, and the toilet space is clean. The hardware is equipped to make the owner's face shine! Protection inside and outside the bathtub: For the bathroom, in addition to the non-slip floor, there should also be anti-slip protection measures inside and outside the bathtub. If there are anti-slip particles on the bottom of the bathtub, you don't have to worry about slipping when you get out of the bathtub. If not, you should pay attention. Remember to put a non-slip mat in front of the bathtub to prevent your feet from slipping and falling when you get out of the bath. If you have a shower at home Don't forget to add some suitable anti-skid equipment to eliminate potential safety hazards. Keep ventilation: In addition to the safety needs of some hardware, the ventilation of the bathroom is also very important. Before and after bathing, the air should be kept flowing, and the humid air should be dissipated in a short time to keep the bathroom dry and clean, so that the health of the family is guaranteed.

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